(video) Judy Wood "Irrefutable" COMPLETELY IGNORES AE911Truth's Scientific Explanations

This is a slick video complete with choir music — almost a Judy Wood worship fest (almost cult-like). This absolutely does not prove *free energy* turned the towers into dust. They don’t even address AE911Truth’s explanations, some of which are written in scientific, peer reviewed papers that no one has been able to refute.
Where did the debris go, they keep saying. Much of it blew sideways, as can be seen at 35.45, etc.. Entire portions of the buildings’ facade were blown long distances sideways, and didn’t disintegrate.
They don’t mention that the basements’ depths were about 90 feet (12.5 foot tall floors X 7 floors = ~90).
Here is Richard Gage’s response. Nanothermite is explosive, not just steel disintegrating. It’s not regular thermite.

(7 min video) Richard Gage on Judy Wood: “When somebody comes forth with their own theory, which has very little evidence, if any, and denies the most basic evidence, that is very well documented, forensic, scientific evidence, I can only presume that what she is purveying is disinformation” • “These cooling, falling, molten iron droplets could easily account for the so-called toasted cars” • “We have written a four page paper on this subject”

It seems to me that Judy Wood is pushing disinfo that is keeping many truthers from looking at the solid information showing what really happened on 9/11. She’s not a team player.
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Dr. Judy Wood IRREFUTABLE (HD Full Length)

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Originally Published on Dec 24, 2015
Documentary series featuring whistle blower Dr. Judy Wood, showing irrefutable and remarkably simple evidence of weaponized free-energy technology on 9/11.
Missing Rubble – Episode 1
Dr. Judy Wood – Episode 2
Dustification – Episode 3
The Big Picture – Episode 4
The Book – Episode 5 …

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