DISCLAIMER: I disagree with some of Lana’s values and statements, but she has the guts to say some things that few men or women will say, because TalmudVision (TV) has declared that women are identical to men in their thought processes and emotionally, and therefore can do anything men can do, and even better, they claim — completely disregarding how God made women to complement men — just as men’s strengths and weaknesses complement women’s….
Also, there are some women, like Cynthia McKinney, who seemed to do well in Congress.
On the other hand, many women leaders are cliquey, unnecessarily give their cohorts and constituents the silent treatment, and are not willing to look at the facts they need to in order to make wise decisions. Hillary is a great example.
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Quotes by Lana, transcribed by me:
3:30 “We’re emotional, and we have a harder time dealing with criticism, so many women harbor our views simply quietly.”
10:30 “Although, I think women are too emotional for leading roles in politics, this is the time for female nationalists to be loud.”

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Lana Lokteff – How the Left is Betraying Women – Identitarian Ideas IX