Ole Dammegard: "Some people claim that I never GIVE CREDIT to other researchers. That is my bad. My apologies • Let's all JOIN TOGETHER, HELP EACH OTHER, and EXPOSE IT • I want to thank EVERYONE who is doing an INCREDIBLE research job out there"

I’ve often thought that truthers should mention other researchers. Many only promote their own work, while often using others’. I’m glad people have talked to Ole about this, because it does matter how we treat one another.
It is true the main goal must be to “stop this madness,” but that’s not “the only thing that matters.” So I suppose I still disagree with Ole slightly here. The ends don’t justify the means. But this is mostly good. My transcription:

“Some people claim that I never give credit to other people and other researchers. That is my bad. My apologies. … Once I do these presentations, if I start saying ‘this was found by that one’…, half of the interview would be gone. The only thing that matters is that we stop this madness. It doesn’t matter who found what…. Let’s all join together, help each other, and expose it. That’s the main thing. Anyway, I want to thank everyone who is doing an incredible research job out there. …”

– Ole Dammegard @ 07:30 from: (vid) Ole Dammegard | The Vegas Shooting: Inconsistencies & Strange Symbolism

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