Tulsi: Join me in demanding the truth about who did 9/11

Good, but Saudi Arabia didn’t orchestrate 9/11. They were used as part of the operation.

What was Israel’s role? Christopher Bollyn tells the truth about who orchestrated 9/11. It wasn’t al-Qaeda, but Talmudic Israel. After 9/11, we regime-changed their neighbors for The Greater Israel Project. 9/11 was their “new Pearl Harbor,” which tricked Americans to support the “war on terror.”

Join me in demanding the truth — Tulsi Gabbard on September 11 Attacks

Tulsi Gabbard

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What was Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the 9/11 attack? Americans deserve an answer to this question. Join me in calling on the Trump Administration to declassify and release all information regarding the 9/11 attack. #TulsiGabbard #SaudiArabia #Trump #9-11

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