J.R. Nyquist: How to Deal With the Chinese Communists

Posted on February 12, 2020

As for American statesmen, it is shameful that they should clink glasses with CCP leaders. It is shameful to see them enable their country’s most dangerous enemy. It is shameful that they are so stupid, so swindled, so blind to the enemy they are courting.

The best prescription for dealing with communists regimes goes something like this: Do not talk to them, they lie. Do not make deals with them, they cheat. Do not share scientific data with them, they will weaponize it. Do not trade with them, they will undercut your economy. Do not make arms control treaties with them, they will violate such treaties. Do not share deadly microorganisms with them, or you will catch a very bad flu.

It is suicide to snuggle up to a Communist.


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