(3 min vid) Israeli Lab Working on the Coronavirus Vaccine

They say here that Israel has been working on a different coronavirus, one for poultry, and believe they can adjust it to work on this one, which has the HIV-like component attached (not mentioned here).

Some think the Israelis being able to develop a vaccine so quickly is evidence that the coronavirus was weaponized by the Israelis, not the Chinese. It’s interesting that the recent outbreak in Iran, affecting some top officials sounds particularly Mossad-like.

I’m still running with Joel Skousen’s theory that China was weaponizing the virus to be used on the US, but it got out early by one of the workers in the lab dying, affecting the mortician, who infected the doctor who died.

Israeli Lab Working on the Coronavirus Vaccine

Mar 2, 2020

Since 2016, technicians at the Migal Galilee Research Institute in Israel have been working to prevent coronavirus in poultry. Now they discovered that the poultry coronavirus vaccine was genetically related to the human coronavirus. That makes it likely they can produce a human vaccine in a shorter period of time.

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