Lt. Gen. Tom McInerny predicted election night will look good for Trump, but then they’ll change it with “Hammer” and “Scorecard,” which he exposed in 2017

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerny on the morning of election day, before any results were announced:

“They are looking around and trying to set up this voting thing that happens on Tuesday night. It’s going to look good for President Trump, but they’re going to change it. And that’s the danger that America and everybody must realize.”

General McInerny at 8:20 AM Pacific time on election day, 11/3/20, according to:

Dr. Gina / Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News·@DocG ·

This is the video that I posted earlier on twitter and they removed. Then the video streaming service removed it. But I have the raw footage so here it is.

This originally ran on Nov 3 on @RealAmericasVoice.

This explains why they let Joe sit in his basement.

Gen. McIrnerny also says in this interview that this software “is active tonight.”

Interviewed by Steve Bannon:



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