Skousen: ”The Crucial Issue Of Our Day Is Conspiracy”


“I believe Trump’s lawyers have sabotaged his legal case against fraud.”

“He [Trump] continues to prepare for a war with Iran even though Iran is not the biggest sponsor of terror in the world. The U.S. deeps state is. He killed General Soleimani… [who] was the biggest sponsor of the fighting forces in Iraq and Iran, that were fighting US backed terror in Syria, including ISIS, and was responsible for the defeat of ISIS.”

Omnibus spending bills should be banned, to be replaced by separate bills, so the bad things don’t continually get passed.

Biden will probably move slowly enough to avoid civil unrest in the near future, especially if Republicans don’t lose control of the Senate. “They want to be able to boil the frog a little faster, but still slow enough so it doesn’t gain resistance.”

“I don’t believe we’ll ever win another election again, because the Dominion voting machines won’t be removed.”

21:45 “When war comes toward the end of this decade with Russia and China, preceded by an EMP strike, there will be no electricity for a year and a half.” The large transformers are all built in China. “If they [government] did only one thing and spent a billion dollars and stockpiled all the transformers they need, and shield them electronically…, they could get back up and running [interrupted by Alex].” “Remember, that EMP strike will be followed 15 minutes later by a physical strike on US military forces.”

“This Covid thing is dividing the world between those who see and those who are blind, and unfortunately, I’m very, very sad to say that the majority of Americans are blind to this obvious conspiracy.”


Joel Skousen: ”The Crucial Issue Of Our Day Is Conspiracy”

Dec 28, 2020

Joel Skousen joins Alex Jones live via Skype to explain how conspiracy is a central and key issue to saving our country from being destroyed from within. Unless our leaders understand that the establishment’s deep state is working to accomplish this destruction, our efforts to save the republic will ultimately fail.

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