KRH:’s depopulation chart — deaths from vaccines targeting North American countries and Israel?

KRH writes on Facebook:

I decided to take a look at the depopulation chart for 2025 again. What I find most interesting is that the depopulated countries are largely Western, Caucasian majority countries. These countries are both in North America and Europe [Also Israel at -51,81% pop. – ed.] Most of the third world and Eastern countries, as indicated by Deagel, largely avoid the depopulation. What event would trigger this sort of die off specific to these countries? Well, it seems to me that these countries would be some of the most vaccinated countries. Yet, in other third world countries with high vaccination rates, there isn’t much of a depopulation. This could indicate that Western, Caucasian majority countries are receiving a different type of vaccine that is more deadly. I’ve posted before how a placebo vaccine has been given out in several countries. This could account for the discrepancy (that some countries receive a higher proportion of the placebo) and indicate that deadline vaccines are meant to target the depopulation of certain majority Caucasian countries.

Vitamin D could be another explanation for countries closer to the equator (via sun exposure), since it’s a huge factor in reducing Covid transmission and death.

Many countries, such as in Africa, also sell Hydroxychloroquine over the counter for Malaria.

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