Freedom from Alaska!


Preserving the Electoral College

Subverting the Constitution to win elections harms, not helps, democracy.

Stopping the Effort to Remake the Electorate

From children to prison inmates, enfranchising new voters is really about rigging the system for partisan advantage.

Put an End to “Vote Harvesting”

No one’s voting rights should be left in someone else’s hands.

Clean Up America’s Voter Rolls

Honest elections depend on accurate voter rolls, but many states voter rolls have been left to languish.

The “Voter Suppression” Myth

Cynical activists and politicians are trying to mislead voters for their own gain.

Voting Rights Depend on Secure Elections

Election integrity laws protect the value of your vote.


Alaska’s United Methodists say there’s a spiritual need for abortions


Bill Maher: “According to a recent Gallup poll we will all be gay in 2054” [because demons drive all lusts – Jeff]

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