Ron Paul on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1-7-08






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The Fox / Leno Miracle
Posted January 8th, 2008 by zenpiper

If there is one amazing aspect to this campaign is that miracles happen all the time. Or, for the non-spiritual readers, that no matter how many lemons are thrown at Ron Paul, he comes up with lemonade. I like the idea of miracles better because so many unexplained windfalls have happened that it defies the odds.

When Fox stated last week that RP was not invited to the event, many of us reacted in shock, dismay and anger. It was not fair nor justifiable by any measure: it was dirty politics. Everybody saw that. Many posters (including me) mused about ways we could give Fox a kick in the shins (or worse) including stock sell-off, barrages of emails and phone calls and generally sticking a finger in the Fox eye. It was maddening.

Then a little miracle appeared in the form of The Tonight Show and Jay Leno. Not only did RP get a lot of air time, a good solo intro by Jay, Ron’s message was carried to many more viewers than the Fox debate would have offered. Ron was in top form and the audience was clearly stoked to hear him. It doesn’t get much better.

But the real message is that–no matter what happens in terms of negative stuff–something wonderful comes out of it. It is though an unseen hand is guiding this campaign, and has been all along. This is just amazing to me.

Ron Paul: How Do I Say Thank You?

January 07, 2008

How Do I Say Thank You?

In Iowa, many hundreds of volunteers worked day and night for our campaign. College kids took their Christmas vacations in the snow for freedom. Thousands of people donated to make it all possible. We had many phone calls, brochures, mailings, advertising. Revolutionaries from all over the country sent handwritten letters to every voter, and despite national media attacks and censorship, we got more than 10 percent of the vote. We also soundly beat a certain ex-mayor who started off the first debate by attacking a pro-American foreign policy and the explanatory doctrine of “blowback,” the CIA’s term for foreign intervention that causes trouble for us in return. The Golden Rule applies to nations as well as to individuals.

And speaking of debates, FOX blocked my participation in its last New Hampshire debate, but I think that hurt FOX more than us. We had a terrifically successful townhall meeting at the same time, and Jay Leno invited me on the Tonight Show again to discuss it. Many members of our movement were galvanized to overcome the bias, including me!

In our Iowa campaign, since it was a caucus, we were dealing with party activists for the most part, not the people. And some of the activists were very unhappy to hear our views, trying to scream them down! Others thought that peace violates Christianity. But New Hampshire is another story. There is a state and a people tailor-made for us. Live Free! Then there are Michigan, South Carolina, and Super Tuesday and its nearly 20 primaries. Frankly, we need $23 million more to have a chance of beating the establishment candidates.

I am working hard for our ideas, as I know you are. The attacks and even smears will increase as we do better. But they will not defeat our ideas. They cannot defeat out ideas. At this moment of urgency for America, with spending, taxes, spying, inflation, and wars out of control and threatening all we love, let us rededicate ourselves to freedom, prosperity, and peace. Already, I owe you all my thanks. Join me in this great endeavor in New Hampshire and beyond. Please make your most generous donation now: