WARNING/DISCLAIMER: Unlike what David Icke says, there is absolute truth, and I personally want to find it and fully live in it, where life is. But the lording-it-over-us gatekeepers allow themselves to be driven by dark forces to pressure us to stay within their imposed parameters — which keep us in bondage where darkness is, away from the truth and light.

If we do what we know is right to do, and go where we know is right to go, regardless of their reaction (many bullies actually pray against us, what I call James-3 curses to keep us in our place, to even make us physically sick), we’ll break FREE from their parameters which are keeping the real thing from happening.

When enough of us break out of the matrix great change can happen and we can be FREE!

Please watch this, being aware of what I said here about David’s teachings:

Jeff Fenske: My Perspective on Real-Historian David Icke | [Don McLean ‘Vincent’ (Starry, Starry Night) music video] Tribute to Real Historian (still living) David Icke: Perhaps They’ll Listen — “…How you tried to set them free. They would not listen, they’re not listening still. Perhaps they never will.”

David is on the right track. He sees evangelical ‘Christians’ as a major force that drives the immoral wars and the police state, which are key ingredients to the one-world dictatorship. But David doesn’t realize that this is really reverse-Christianity — the opposite of what God wants us to do as peacemakers.

For example, almost certainly, David Icke likes Ron Paul a lot, who is a professing Christian (though he intentionally doesn’t wear it on his sleeve in order to get votes), and also acts like one.

May we not let the bullies pressure us from doing what we know in our hearts is the right thing to do.

To be free and to be ONE!

– Jeff

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHW4zDe05fE] The Hassle-Free Zone ∞ David Icke

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Truth is Treason in the Empire of LIES. Ron Paul won ALL gop debates. Media continues to ignore Ron Paul (media conspiracy from the left & right paradigm). Paul is the front runner. The globalist are in a huge panic over the fact that the world is waking up to the crimes of the New World Order. Join Ron Paul & the INFO WAR alex Jones before you are starving to death or martial law is declared. The bad guys will run the world until a majority wake up & make personal sacrifices. …