Huckabee’s I’m-the-“CHRISTIAN LEADER” Ads VS Ron Paul


The Ad: “Believe”






The Ad: “What Really Matters”



“It’s only a bookshelf” Screenshot




RON PAUL: “I happen to be a believer. I’m a Christian. And I do write about it. But I specifically say I don’t carry my religion on my sleeve. Sometimes I had been annoyed about the prayer breakfast in Washington. I never attended the prayer breakfast in Washington, although I am a believer. I just thought that was more publicity. And, you know, the Bible does teach us that we should say our prayers in a closed room, and not flaunt it, and not to pretend you’re holier than– others. So, I’ve approached it that way.”

From: Ron Paul with Bill Moyers (PBS) 1-04-08

Propaganda Photos: Hitler Wore the Cross on His Sleeve Too


The following photos provide a pictorial glimpse of Hitler, how his Nazis mixed religion with government, and the support for Hitler by the Protestant and Catholic Churches in Germany. In, no way, does this gallery of photos intend to support Nazism or anti-Semitism, but instead, intends to warn against them.

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