Ron Paul with Bill Moyers (PBS) 1-04-08


Now we’re living in an age today in this post-9/11 atmosphere where our civil liberties are being undermined constantly, all in the name of safety and security, we’re supposed to give up our rights for our privacy? We’re allowed now to accept the idea of secret prisons and secret renditions, and the loss of habeas corpus. This is very, very dangerous. And I don’t want to get to the point where it’s hard to reverse. Matter of fact, right now it’s getting more difficult everyday to reverse this trend because the American people seem to so often say, “You know I want to be, I can’t be free, if I’m not safe. So, I want my government to make me safe.” And they’re willing to give up their liberties. And I’m convinced that you never have to give up liberties to be safe. I think you’re less safe when you give up your liberties.



I happen to be a believer. I’m a Christian. And I do write about it. But I specifically say I don’t carry my religion on my sleeve. Sometimes I had been annoyed about the prayer breakfast in Washington. I never attended the prayer breakfast in Washington, although I am a believer. I just thought that was more publicity. And, you know, the Bible does teach us that we should say our prayers in a closed room, and not flaunt it, and not to pretend you’re holier than– others. So, I’ve approached it that way. …

I think the ones who are in charge right now have left the Republican Party and the platform, which makes it more difficult, because people in the party, the hard core base, which unfortunately for the Republicans is getting smaller. But they stick, they’re loyal to the leader. And they’re loyal to maintaining power. They’re not loyal to a principle or the Constitution and saying ‘doing what is right,’ you know. They can’t reverse their trend, you know. If we’re in a bad situation in Iraq, “No. We can’t be disloyal.” And so they’re not objective enough. …

We might have Fox, which is tied deeply to the war more so than, say, a Wolf Blitzer. Wolf Blitzer gives me a fair shake. He interviews me, and I think he’s a very decent journalist. So, I think that we just have to use the tools that we have, and I try not to concentrate on those brick bats that they’re throwing at me. I’ll just go run and do my best to get a run. …

Libertarianism is the enemy of all racism, because racism is a collectivist idea. You put people in categories. You say, “Well, blacks belong here, and whites here, and women here.” We don’t see people in form [unclear], or gays. You don’t have rights because you’re gays, or women, or minorities. You have rights because you’re an individual. So, we see people strictly as individuals. And we get these individuals in a natural way. So, it’s exactly opposite of all collectivism. And it’s absolutely anti-racism, because we don’t see in those terms.



I think the Federal Reserve is a monstrous idea. This whole idea that if your government needs money, and the politicians spend too much, to run wars. ‘Oh, we’ll print up the money.’ It’s a silly idea. …

The message is getting out. It hasn’t turned into, you know, a total revolution. But there are revolutionary ideas going on there right now. And it’s not a throwback to the old ways, because the old ways are always tyranny. We’ve had tyranny most of all of history. It’s only been in this recent introduction, the last couple of hundred years, where true freedom emphasizing the individual has only been tested. And we’re throwing it away. So, whether I have an obstacle with the media or not, which I’m sure I do, and I face up to it, since I look like I’ll be excluded, you know, from the Fox debate here this weekend. But nevertheless, the amount of freedoms we have left in this country, we still have it, and we have to maximize it’s use.

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