Cool Reggae band wants Ron Paul for President. Jimmy did the video accompaniment.
Ya think Rudy has a cool Reggae band that does songs for him? Somehow I doubt it.


“About this song” from Three Shoes Posse:

We were motivated to write this song because Dr. Ron Paul is the only true Constitutionalist presidential candidate. A true conservative, he believes the primary role of government is to protect the liberties, freedoms, and privacy of individuals. He believes in the original intent of the Founding Fathers which is limited federal government. Some criticize his fiscal policy of restricting federal spending on social and other programs. But one must realize the big picture – if the federal government didn’t rob our money in the form of taxes, they wouldn’t be able to offer our money back to us with strings attached. The states and local governments would have more money to take care of themselves and would have more freedom to decide how the money is spent, which ultimately would be better for the people. His proposals would eliminate inflation which hurts the middle class and the poor.

Ron Paul does not play the big-money game like the rest of them. The mainstream media tries to ignore and censor him. The gallup and other “scientific” polls do not include his name as an option when conducting the poll, then they turn around and say that Ron Paul didn’t do well in their poll. They rig the game. But Ron Paul is winning every internet poll and he also won the Fox cell phone text-message poll after the South Carolina debates.

He is gaining increasing support from liberals and conservatives alike. He has a strong base of people who consider themselves classic conservatives, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and even Green Party supporters. His message transcends the political spectrum. His words ring true and make sense to everybody.

Because the mainstream brainwashing media machine has tried to hide his massive grass-roots support as well as doing everything they can to portray him as “second-tier” instead of the true front-runner that he is, we are using our platform as musicians and artists to take the message of freedom and truth to the mainstream.

Please take the time to see what he is all about – www.RonPaul2008.com. Many people say, “Why would you support a candidate that doesn’t seem to have much of a chance of winning?” There are a couple of answers to this question. First, who’s opinion is it anyway that he doesn’t have much of a chance? The mainstream media? It is not the media’s role to dictate public opinion and try to tell us who we should consider a front runner. It is their job to report what we tell them public opinion is. And frankly, it looks like they are not doing a good job right now at reporting what public opinion really is, but rather they are trying to suppress it. We the people decide who we want, not the mainstream media, otherwise voters are disenfranchised and our Constitutional Republic is nullified.

The other reason is that this isn’t a horse-race or a football gambling pool at the office, folks. The mainstream media has tricked us into feeling like we must support “the winner”, that is, who they tell us the winner is. It is erroneous to think we should just “be on the side that’s winning”, as Bob Dylan so eloquently put it. That is not the purpose of voting. We are supposed to vote for who we feel best represents our views and who we think would do the best job. Voting is the voice of the people. We must stick to our principles without compromise.

We support Dr. Ron Paul with all our heart because he is the only man who is not a war-mongering hypocrite. He has over 20 years of experience as a U.S. Congressman and an immaculate congressional voting record to prove that he means what he says and is unwavering. He truly cares about the people. He most certainly represents “Hope For America.”