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Glenn Beck Show Scrolls Huckabee’s “Paul Is Dead” Message During Ron *Paul* Interview

On Tuesday at 7 Eastern Glenn Beck interviews Ron Paul and scrolls the message Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead from Huckabee on the bottom of the Michael McDonnough


I find it very offensive for Glenn Beck to be scrolling the message Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead on the bottom of the screen during the interview with Ron Paul.

I think he should make it clear that he wishes no ill will to Dr. Ron Paul. His interview I thought was fair on the surface but he did take the interview into the typical conspiracy camp.

I would like to know why this guy Huckabee thought it appropriate to make this statement that was scrolling by during this interview? Ron Paul was right in that the threat of Theocons taking over the government is a serious threat to our nation. In his statement of earlier in the day he seemed a bit tired and un focused when he was hit with these off Fauxian questions.

I might add that Paul was talking about domestic threats to our nation at the moment that Huckabee’s death to Paul comments are scrolling by in this video.

The subliminals are pretty obvious to most any trained observer.

I am quite disgusted with Beck for this. I am pretty much disgusted with Huckabee for his statements as well, but that is politics. It is a dirty game. Here is the video.



Some thoughts I have, responding to the comments below.

Thanks for the feedback! Many good points!

It’s hard to say for sure what CNN’s motive was. Perhaps they were just reporting the news, or perhaps they knew exactly how “Paul is dead” would look underneath Ron Paul’s face during the interview, whether they played it before the interview or not.

The networks are owned by the globalist, one-worlders, who are totally aware that a Paul Presidency would seriously set back their fast-track, one-world-government timetable. So they try to marginalize Ron Paul every way they can, mostly by ignoring him (even in many of their polls), and instead trying to bring all of the attention to those whom they know will carry out their agenda, like Mike Hukabee.

Here, Paul finally got a chance to speak more than in just sound-bites (though they still didn’t cover a lot of ground). It is possible CNN ran this to get people to laugh at Paul, which is the Devil’s way.

But what interests me more is why did Mike Huckabee choose this particular expression, given that the opponent who seems to bother him the most is named Paul?

During one of the debates, Huckabee’s true colors came out when he viciously attacked Paul for Paul’s stand on the Iraq war. In my opinion, Huckabee was going for Paul’s jugular, and the words that came to mind were: “mean spirited,” which it just so happens he has a reputation for.

Just because a person was a pastor and says he follows Christ doesn’t mean he does follow Christ sufficiently enough for us to trust him to lead our country. Most evangelicals made this mistake with George W. Bush, and many still won’t see it, or at least admit it – as America is turned into a police state.

John Klar wrote an amazing book where he lays it out clearly: Christian Words, Unchristian Actions: George W. Bush and the Desecration of Christianity in Modern America. If the Evangelicals continue to push Huckabee so hard and he’s elected, John Klar may be able to write an even more tragic sequel.

Go Ron Paul!

Here is the ad Huckabee is referring to when he’s saying “Paul is dead,” to those who say the bookcase looks like a cross.


Everything in short campaign ads is meticulously placed and perfectly lit to make the biggest possible impact. Here, the music is “Silent Night,” and they only have 30 seconds as the brightly lit cross (“It’s only a bookcase”) pans behind Mike Huckabee.

Note, the Christmas tree blocks the bookcase just enough to make the cross horizontally symmetrical, and the lighting is perfect to make the front edge far brighter than the inside of the shelves.

Accident? No way. And it’s like Huckabee to make a joke instead of answering directly – truthfully? And “Paul is dead” may be a joke against Ron Paul. We shouldn’t put it past him.

The cross motif has been done before:


[Click for more “Hitler wearing the cross…” photos]

I’m not saying that Huckabee is Hitler. I can see many good things in Huckabee. But as Ron Paul says: “Fascism comes wrapped in a flag, carrying a cross.”

The globalist elite could use Huckabee to carry out their Hitlerish wishes. But they’ll never be able to do that with Ron Paul, who bows to no elitist. Praise God!!!

We must be careful, you all, and not put it past them to use simple, stupid stuff like this to try to manipulate us.


Jeff Fenske : )


Ron Paul’s Christlike Attitude: Love, Peace & Hope – No *Initiation* of Aggression!


[video] Ron Paul: What Dreams Are Made Of


  1. Birgitta

    I totally agree with you Jeff. How disgusting for the network, Glenn Beck and Huckabee to say and/or broadcast this message.

  2. joshua

    I’m a ron paul supporter..but I think this is overkill…huckabee was referencing Paul is dead from the beatles so called subliminal message…not ron paul…it was actually running in the show before beck too…so it wasn’t placed there to hurt paul on purpose… I believe the media does all it can to hurt Dr.Paul, but it this case I think it’s just a coincidence

  3. TheEstablishmentIsWorried

    This was disgusting and the attempt to link Ron Paul to white supremacy are unbelievably disgusting low blows. It just goes to show how desperate the establishment is to cover up or discredit Ron Paul’s message.

    They obviously feel very threatened and we know what they do to messengers of peace and liberty – John Lennon, Martin Luther King, the Kennedy brothers, the attempt on Ronald Reagan – and don’t try to tell me they were all lone nuts.

  4. MaraJo

    If Ron Paul is doing so badly in the polls then why is Huckster worried so much about him? Isn’t Ron Paul the one who is suppose to be losing according to the Lame stream Media? Why isn’t he picking on the ones who are closer to him in the polls if they are right? I personally believe the polls are fixed just like the coverage of Dr. Paul. Beck is no more than a shill for the CFR just like Huckster is. I think what they did was down right nasty and uncalled for. Dr. Paul had a full day of interviews and then to have to put up with such treatment is beyond rational. Thanks for the article.

    God Bless Ron Paul and his supporters.

  5. rightcoast

    Man. You guys are to much. What are you doing? This is probably the best interview Paul is going to get, period, including the upcoming one with Russert.

    Huckabee made a crack regarding conspiracies and subliminals, and a pretty funny one at that. It is a Beatles reference that younger people probably wouldn’t get at first. It was one of the largest and first, pop culture viral stories and the first widespread subliminal message conspiracy theory. Is is newsworthy? No, of course not. That is what passes for “news” in infotainment programs though, and considering the comment was made hours before the interview it is no surprise it is there.

    If you point at everything and cry wolf, no one will believe you when the wolf is really there. You remember that story right? Keep the powder dry until you can see the whites of their eyes, figuratively speaking.

  6. Carole

    Totally convinced it was intentional and a serious threat on national TV. I mean what are the odds and the timing couldn’t be more appropriate. With technology today – nothing in the media happens by accident. Don’t let Glenn Beck fool you – either he was in on it or he was set up. He took a shot at Ron Paul after he lowered his guard. It’s going to be interesting watching the neo-cons and how they’re going to try & steal another election by stealth with all of these patriots watching their every move. We need to be the thorn in their side – the pebble in their shoe. Let’s keep Dr Paul in our prayers continuously. God Bless this Movement!

  7. mb

    Talk about conspiracy. The scrolling of that hateful message wasn’t a coincidence, it was a conspriracy by the very people who accuse RP and his supporters of being conspiracy nuts. See! We are right. There is a conspiracy. Nothing in this life happens by chance. Especially where power, money, and politics are involved.
    God bless Ron Paul. He is leading a wave that will change the very fabric of America. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to see what America really was meant to be by the founders.

  8. Laura P

    From my observation of Glenn Beck, his demeanor was *livid* as he leaned in toward Dr. Paul. It was aggressive and full of anger TOWARDS Dr. Paul. I felt slighted by that, and although the interview went well earlier, and for that I am grateful, I don’t think we need to pretend the whole interview was a “Pollyanna” version of glad tidings and good will. After all, he was downright disrespectful towards our candidate, and probably lying about the “death threats”.

    Everything was TOO COINCIDENTAL with the scrolling of the “Paul is dead” below the screen, way TOO coincidental for my taste. Besides, I work for Law Enforcement, and I can tell you the MEDIA are all over us, when they want to know “who dunnit” of any crime. This is so they can rush to put the face fo the perpetrator up on the evening news. Also, shows like the “Nancy Grace” show do the same. The very fact that Glenn Beck did not throws MASSIVE SUSPICION on his allegation. In fact, I would bet my 401k he’s lying on this.

    Think of it this way, if he was lying, it might have been a paid staff person at the TV station and would have been recognized, right? So, he definitely wouldn’t want the guy recognized publicly, or he’d be exposed. Secondly, I scroll YouTube ALL THE TIME, and neither me nor any other RP supporter saw any personally threatening G.B. video clip.

    What you all may have confidence in is that this PROBABLY BACKFIRED on Glenn Beck, and all the innocent viewers were, no doubt, thinking, “Gee, he’s being awfully harsh on that guy. I wonder why he’s so angry. He’s really not being nice. Wow, I’ve never seen this side of him before!”.

    The SHAME of this all is that his ire came out at a time when kindness & good will, or at least respect, should be trumping bad manners. It happened at a time when Christmas is near, and here he is a self-proclaimed Christian?? As we all know, it is how one delivers, not so much what one says.

    WE support Ron Paul, but WE are Americans first, and that’s what I wish the Media would start calling us–Americans who support Ron Paul.

  9. If Huckabee is not a fascist carrying the cross and wrapped in a flag then why was he spending last Sunday in the Texas mega church of Hagee one of the most hate filled Zionist crazies out there? Why is he seeking their support? If his words were not a hate message to Paul and a death threat he sure missed the chance since that is exactly what it came off as.

    I also no not buy the idea that the Paul is dead message scrolling was by accident. It just does not wash.

  10. Peppy Protestant

    Good grief, but if you people think Beck has any input or control over what runs in the tickertape scroll during his broadcast, you are really naive! It is the NETWORK which employs people whose responsibility it is to decide what or how to type up news and then submit it for the scrolling; Beck doesn’t micromanage his broadcasts to that extent any more or less than the OTHER hosts for their shows. For crying out loud, learn not to toss out the baby with the bathwater; blame the NETWORK, not the host. (Ever see the movie “Network”? Decisions are made about shows of which the host has no idea or control—which is why the network execs arrange to have host Beale assassinated on air at the end of the film.)

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