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Ron Paul on ‘Larry King’ Tonight! [corrected]

11:08AM Pacific Time…..I just talked to Michael at HQ and it is true. They are updating the RonPaul2008 website right now! He will be on tonight. He said it all happened so fast, that they were all caught by surprise.Cansomebody please post this at They are all wondering too!!Larry King Live, CNN, tonight. Check local listings for times. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!



Ron Paul NOT on Larry King tonight, apparently
Not sure what happened here, but apparently the Ron Paul campaign was mistaken in saying that Ron Paul would be on Larry King tonight.


Sorry. This is bizarre. I was just watching the live feed of the group of vets in Iowa that Ron then spoke to. And even there, they were saying that they were waiting for Ron to be finished with his Larry King interview.



See: Ron Paul on Larry King 1-2-08 (*UNAIRED*)


Watch Online: Ron Paul Live Tonight from Iowa


An Open Letter to the Black Community in Behalf of Ron Paul, by Robert A. Wicks

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  1. james humberd

    Truth is stranger than fiction. In fact, rp’d be in danger of his life if he even came close to the nomination. John Mark Pool is predicting Huckabee will be our next pres., and a 2 termer at that.

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