I just wanted to let those of you who buy your music that Amazon.com has stripped all of their music of DRM (Digital Rights Management). This means that your music will be in MP3 format and transferable to any future music player. … They just got the last big record company, Sony, to go along with it. So I would suggest you use Amazon instead of iTunes or wherever else to buy your music.

Oh, and the sound quality seems to have jumped from 128 to 256. And finally, most of the music is 89 cents instead of iTunes 99 cents. I have a feeling that Apple will be following suit during the Macworld conference in just a few days. Still, those songs will be in ACC format so DRM or not, it still won’t work on anything but an iPod. Yay Amazon!

Ok, so maybe not everyone shares the same excitement as I do…..

Source: my favorite geek