From: Dawgnet, Butler University’s Student News Site

Maire Gurevitz is a senior studying political science and history

Where is Ron Paul?
By Maire Gurevitz

… Not only was I outraged that my favored candidate, Dennis Kucinich, was not included in the later debates, even though he remained in the race, but I would have to say that I am most disappointed in the lack of coverage for the Republican candidate, Ron Paul, a Congressman from Texas.

The media has been making a huge deal out of the fact that voters are generally looking for “change.” “Change” has been deemed by the media as the catch word of this campaign, after the Iowa caucuses, and since Iowa, all the candidates have been stumping on the campaign trail about ways in which they are the candidate for change. Well, as far as I am concerned, they are all ridiculous, except for Ron Paul. …

This being said, my wish for the rest of primary season is that the mass media will forget about washed up candidates and not talk about “change” anymore if they are not going to recognize the amazing campaign that Ron Paul is running. So, here’s to Ron Paul and my first foray into flattering a Republican.

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