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‘Federal’ Reserve Historian, G. Edward Griffin, Back In ‘Wiki’pedia—Though Heavily Censored

From: Reality Zone


Last week my biographical listing in Wikipedia was deleted after being on line for about five years. The reason was that some of Wikipedia’s administrators do not like my view that there are hidden agendas in banking and government and they do not favor my advocacy of natural health without drugs.

When I announced this in Unfiltered News, it triggered a wave of indignation that flooded the Internet and talk shows. Friends and supporters were angry that Wikipedia has no problem listing Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Dong, Al Capone, or even John D. Rockefeller’s father William Avery Rockefeller who, according to Wikipedia itself: “was a quack doctor and a confidence trickster;” yet, the editors found me to be so offensive that I had to be removed from the Internet lest my ideas contaminate the public mind.

Then, on Friday afternoon, my listing suddenly was back, although drastically scrubbed to omit almost anything that might create a favorable impression. Gone is recognition of my participation on the Board of Directors of The National Health Federation and The International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends. There is no mention of The Audio Archives or my founding and leadership of The Cancer Cure Foundation, Freedom Force International, The Coalition for Visible Ballots, The Reality Zone, or Unfiltered News. Even my photo is gone.

(Well, maybe that’s a good thing after all.) Of course, they were careful to let readers know that my works are “controversial” and that most doctors do not agree with my conclusions regarding cancer therapy. I have no objection to that because, basically, those are true statements, but I do object to their omitting the fact that there is massive support for my views and that there are several million readers of my works, which currently are published in five countries. All of that is true, also.

Nevertheless, the bright side is that the outcry was sufficiently strong to at least cause my listing to be restored. That’s progress! Thank you for your support.


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  1. Thomas

    Good on you G.Edward Griffin, for standing up to what you believe in, I rate you as on of todays genius’s, your works are brilliant, something I can’t say about most of the conventional bullshit we so often have thrown at us from so many quarters these days.
    Unfortunately the mainline media has such huge financial power and backing that they can continue to mislead an unsuspecting and naive public.

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