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Coach Daubenmire: And the Pulpits are Silent

From News with Views

Despite what the political parties would like you to believe, the problem in America is not the politicians, it is the pulpits. I hate to break the news to you, but most of America’s pulpits are filled with cowardly men. They are a shame to the Christ they claim to serve.

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  1. HI Jeff, tonite I was searching for some recordings of Coach Daubenmire and ended up here at your site. Hopefully you have audio here (I will look futher after finishing this). I met the Coach back in May of this year here in Boise at a “Shake The Nation” weekend conference. Wow, what solid un-compromising speaking (my soul is still burning). Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and also share some resources I have gathered related to the Culture War:
    and also…
    …These folders have some amazing documents that I have gleaned off the internet over the last few months or so. Hope you find some of them useful.

    Steve Nelson – Boise ID

  2. Jeff Fenske


    Thanks for posting these links!

    I listened to one of the lectures. Wow! It’s very interesting how sex is being intentionally used to destroy our culture, to bring us into “cultural communism,” and how parents need to not only say the right things to their children, but need to live and *think* right.

    From WilhelmReich-Balaam’sModernDaySpokesman_ByBruceGroves_E032.mp3

    “Sex is the best tool for revolution and control.”

    “I didn’t even have to tell them God doesn’t exist. I just told them to gratify themselves and God disappeared.” – Wilhelm Reich

    Jeff Fenske

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