MP3 of George Noory’s Ron Paul Interview


From: Coast to Coast AM

Schedule for 03.24.08 – 03.28.08

Hosted by
George Noory

David Orrell, Ron Paul

Monday, March 24
First Hour: Congressman Ron Paul will talk about limited constitutional gov’t, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies, as well as discuss his 2008 presidential bid. Dr. Paul will also take questions.

Next up, mathematician and author David Orrell will discuss the limits of scientific prediction and how chaos theory and complexity limit our ability to predict weather, health and wealth.

Hosted by
George Noory

Jon Biloon

Tuesday, March 25
Subsistence Farmer in Hawaii who as studied alternative agriculture, Jon Biloon will discuss the dangers of Genetically Modified Foods and how Agri-business is robbing individuals of health, spirituality and sovereignty.


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