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Can we really transplant a human soul?

From: Daily Mail

Virtually every doctor and scientist will tell you the heart is a mere pump. …

For a few brave scientists have started claiming that our memories and characters are encoded not just in our brain, but throughout our entire body.

Consciousness, they claim, is created by every living cell in the body acting in concert.

They argue, in effect, that our hearts, livers and every single organ in the body stores our memories, drives our emotions and imbues us with our own individual characters. Our whole body, they believe, is the seat of the soul; not just the brain.

And if any of these organs should be transplanted into another person, parts of these memories – perhaps even elements of the soul – might also be transferred.

There are now more than 70 documented cases similar to Sonny’s [Sonny Graham’s], where transplant patients have taken on some of the personality traits of the organ donors.

Professor Gary Schwartz and his co-workers at the University of Arizona have documented numerous seemingly inexplicable experiences similar to Sonny’s.

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  1. Can a sOUL be transplanted back into that person?if a soul left the body,human body dies suppose,it didn’t the impossible happened!Can you send me a reply it is emergency before June 4,2008.

  2. Jeff Fenske


    I’m not sure what you’re asking, and what you mean by “it didn’t the impossible happened?”

    But in general, based upon numerous testimonies, people who have had NDEs to the point that their soul had left their body and had gone someplace else, their soul returns if their earthly body comes back to life.

    Jeff Fenske

  3. eyestowonder

    Most spiritual doctrine says that death occurs when the soul leaves the body.

    Organ donors are dead (see my post on declaring brain death); by spiritual definition, their soul is no longer in the body.

    Please support organ and tissue donation.

  4. Jeff Fenske

    Dear Eyestowonder,

    Very cool pen-name!

    No doubt, organ donors are dead. But the point here is that part of our personality and ‘gut level’ decision making comes from organs (or at the very least, an organ) other than our brain. The heart has been scientifically proven to be more than a pump.

    I’m interested in this subject mainly because most westerners think of our thoughts and feelings coming entirely from our brains. But this isn’t true. And if we just focus on getting our brains to think correctly we’re missing the ‘heart’ of the matter, “and we won’t come clean.”

    We must be free inside, not just in our heads—to forgive everyone from our whole hearts, for example—so we don’t give demons a ‘place.’ So anger doesn’t live in us, 24/7—which is part of what’s destroying America.

    As to the ethics of *getting* a heart transplant, specifically, what do you think? Would you get a brain transplant from someone, if this were technically possible, and you had irreparable brain damage? After all, the donor would be dead.

    This is more cut and dry. But many now consider the heart the ‘second brain.’ It’s definitely not just a pump.


    Jeff Fenske

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