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NASA Space Shuttle Footage: UFO Missed by Ground Based Energy Pulse Weapon



From: UFO Evidence

Star Wars Over Australia?

One of the most spectacular video footages of a UFO encounter was taken by cameras on board the Discovery space shuttle on 15 September, 1991. The video sequence was picked up live by a number of amateurs who were directly monitoring the transmissions. The material has been shown in news broadcasts and circulated amongst UFO researchers worldwide. …

One UFO in particular appears to rise up from below the Earth’s dawn horizon and can be clearly seen emerging from behind the atmosphere and the ‘airglow’ layers. It is certainly in orbit around the Earth, some distance out in space, and traveling quickly.

A sudden, bright flash of light is then seen to the left of the picture, below the shuttle. The UFO then turns at a sharp angle and heads out into space at very high speed. Two thin beams of light (or possibly condensation trails) move rapidly up from the Earth’s surface towards where the UFO would have been if it had continued in its original orbit.

Subsequently, careful analysis of the video shows that:
– The distance from the Discovery to the Earth’s horizon is 2,757 kilometres
– The UFO’s speed before accelerating into space is 87,000 kph (Mach 73)
– Three seconds after the light flash, the UFO changes direction sharply and accelarates off into space at 340,000 kph (Mach 285) within 2.2 seconds
– Such an acceleration would produce 14,000 g of force (1g is normal Earth gravity) …

The scenario was probably captured on video purely by chance. Along with other UFO incidents recorded on video by NASA, this material has contributed significantly towards NASA’s recent decision to discontinue live television transmissions from space.

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  1. George

    I saw the video in question when it was aired on NBC with Tom Brokaw. I was pleased to know I didn’t dream it all many years later.

  2. Anonymous

    i want to see the footage of aug 15 2007 where their is screaming in the backround and sonic booms i want to see the real shit

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