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Theologians: Terminator Seeds are ‘Grossly Immoral’

From: Independent Catholic News

Three widely respected theologians have condemned Terminator technology ­ which produces genetically engineered plants with sterile seeds ­ as “grossly immoral”.

Writing in a new publication, commissioned by Catholic development charity Progressio, Jesuit Priest Roland Lesseps, Father Sean McDonagh and Father Donal Dorr say the controversial GM technology, which is currently restricted by a temporary UN ban, offers “no benefit for farmers and consumers” and would have “long-term consequences for the environment”.

…the theologians warn that the technology could have catastrophic effects on the poorest farmers in the developing world. Presently, 1.4 billion farmers rely on the practice of seed-saving to grow food to feed their families. If Terminator technology is commercialised, farmers’ food security would be under threat. “Since poor farmers cannot afford to buy seed every year, they will go hungry”, writes Roland Lesseps.

The theological argument against Terminator is equally striking, say the report’s authors. “Terminator technology attacks the very principle of life itself”, writes Lesseps. “Destroying the life principle in an organism is not a right relationship with creation which should be received as a gift from God to be shared by all.”

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  1. J C

    From an environnemental security point of view, sterile seeds are ideal. Once engineered, it is the best to prevent spreading of the new plant as it may be discovered much later it to be harmful to the environnement. If it was not sterile, it may just be too late to remove the plant from the environnement. Sterile seeds provide optimal security against this issue.

  2. Jeff Fenske


    Yes, if one is going to make an inferior product that is even making many people sick, it’s best to put termination technology into it. But apparently, the suicide technology isn’t stopping their contamination of what God made.


    “Fears were also expressed that Monsanto’s terminator genes could spread to wild plants. According to the UN Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, ‘Cross-fertilising V-GURT containing crops may cause considerable effects in neighbouring crop stands and wild relatives…. The fact that in North America, where large stands of GMO varieties are now grown contamination of non-GMO varieties by GMO germplasm has been observed … suggests that this scenario is a realistic probability.'”

    “Organic farms are increasingly finding that via cross-pollination their pure food has been contaminated with GM DNA thus ruining their businesses.”

    This is sick what Monsanto is doing to food and people! Here’s some more on genetically modified seeds from

    “This explosive exposé reveals how industry manipulation and political collusion – not sound science – allow dangerous genetically engineered food into your daily diet. Company research is rigged, alarming evidence of health dangers is covered up, and intense political pressure applied.

    “Scientists were offered bribes or threatened. Evidence was stolen. Data was omitted or distorted.

    “Government employees who complained were harassed, stripped of responsibilities, or fired.

    “Laboratory rats fed a GM crop developed stomach lesions and seven of the forty died within two weeks. The crop was approved without further tests.

    “When a top scientist tried to alert the public about his alarming discoveries, he lost his job and was silenced with threats of a lawsuit.

    “Read the actual internal memos by FDA scientists warning of toxins, allergies, and new diseases – all ignored by their superiors, including a former attorney for Monsanto. Discover how industry studies are designed to avoid finding problems. Learn why the FDA withheld information from congress after a genetically modified supplement killed nearly a hundred people and disabled thousands.”


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