Lindsey Williams’ Book Now Online: “The Energy Non-Crisis”

You can read Lindsey William’s account from his on-line book,
The Energy Non-Crisis, by Lindsey Williams:


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19 thoughts on “Lindsey Williams’ Book Now Online: “The Energy Non-Crisis”

  1. Curious George

    Is Mr. Williams’ newsletter still running, or is that down too? If it’s been stopped, can a person get a login & password to see the previous newsletters?

  2. Bill

    When did Mr. Williams write the book “The Energy Non Crisis”? Also is the online book the full version?
    When was the video that is posted on your site recorded. The one where Mr, Williams speak in detail on the topic. Length is 1 hr 15 min 8 sec? Thanks

  3. Jeff Fenske


    I can’t find my copy of the video/DVD I got from Lindsey, right now. But if I do, and if it has the date you’re looking for, I’ll check to see if it’s the same one that’s online and post the info in this thread.

    But I do have the copy of his book in my hands which I got from his 800-number a few years ago. It says on the cover: “Updated & Enlarged.” It does have one additional chapter that I’m unable to Google.

    Copyright for this, the second edition, is October, 1980. It states the first edition as July, 1980.

    The additional, 21st chapter is entitled: “Some Dramatic Conclusions,” and is an EXCELLENT discussion of the necessity of moral character for a nation to survive. It doesn’t give any more oil info, though. In case you’re interested, I’ll give you a short summary of this chapter.

    Lindsey was even wondering if America would last as long as it has. He says:

    “Today in every segment of society we are observing many evils—social disorders, strained foreign relations, and military anemia. These are all symptoms of a dying culture. And they sadly point to a death of freedom in the United States, perhaps even during this century.”

    He addresses State-run education as a source of the problem, where “the State, rather than the parent, teaches the child how to think and how to vote.” To Lindsey, Christian schools are the answer, and adds: “you cannot have a ‘responsible’ voting populace without having a ‘charactered’ voting populace.”

    He concludes the chapter, and the book with these two paragraphs:

    “Let your character grow, and be diligent in passing on—by word and example—to your young people the character and instruction required to keep our nation great and free.

    Then once more, ‘America will be great,’ not only in international prestige, but more importantly, in moral and spiritual leadership.”

    I would agree with Lindsey 100% that Christian schools could reverse the downfall of America. But they would have to truly be Christian.

    Most ‘Christian’ schools in America don’t teach the truth about what real Christianity is [my other site is largely about this issue], and the evangelical ones, especially, have mostly become propaganda machines for President Bush and the Republican party.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer saw something similar happen in Nazi Germany, but most ‘Christian’ schools don’t even teach this in their history classes. There is a lot they don’t teach. Bonhoeffer’s solution was to focus on the Sermon on the Mount, but hardly anyone would listen. Most pastors supported Hitler without question.
    In my opinion, what we need is real Christianity, not more of the same sickness that destroyed Germany.


    Jeff Fenske

  4. Jim Fagiolo

    I am trying to get a copy of “The Non Energy Crisis”. Found out on Amazon, it’s there, but the price is $999.00??? What’s going on? Where can I get books?
    jim fagiolo/ Seattle, WA

  5. truthseeker

    On the subject of Lindsey Williams, I watched the Energy Non-Crisis video on Google video and on it Linsey stated that they watch him so he couldn’t say the date they must attack Iran by and that it was mentioned by someone else earlier. Here is what I’d like to know, does anyone know what that date Linsey William was making reference to? If so I’d really like to know.

  6. peaceandlove

    Lindsey Williams is being interview by Alex Jones tonight on I think he may mention something about a date.

  7. Jeff Fenske

    Dear PeaceAndLove,

    God bless you—AWESOME pen name! Thanks for the info.

    The archived interview can be listened to by InfoWars members here (something like $6/month):

    UPDATE: Alex posted the interview on YouTube, and can be watched here:

    [The Alex Jones Show – L I V E – July 28th With Dr. Stanley Monteith and Lindsey Williams

    Alex welcomes author and radio host Dr. Stanley Monteith and Lindsey Williams, author of The Energy Non-Crisis, to discuss oil prices and inside information they have been given concerning an expected collapse of the U.S. economy. Williams also details disturbing instances of death threats he has received. Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster also makes an appearance.]


    Jeff Fenske : )

  8. barbara

    The book ‘THE NON-ENERGY CRISIS’ is available a bookstore in fort bragg calif., they will order it, thge cost is $187.00

  9. Gerry Buczek

    Today I tried to order Lindsey Williams 8Set DVD through the 800 number that he gave out on the Alex Jones radio show of 7/28/08. Someone answered Survival Center in the state of Washington. Is this the correct 800 number(800-321-2900) to order Lindsey’s DVD’s?

  10. Matrix Underdog

    Has anybody actually seen Lindsey’s DVD, “The Next 12 Months” yet?

    I have called their 1-800-321-2900 number for the last three days and every time I get a recording message that says they are closed. Yet, I call during their business hours.

    I know you can order “The Next 12 Months” DVD by using their web site. But, I’d prefer to talk to a rep before I order to make sure they are still selling this DVD.

    Ebay doesn’t have this DVD. And so far, I can’t find it on the file sharing networks either.

    Lindsey says on his interviews with Jeff Rense, Alex Jones etc. that more details about the “Next 12 Months” are on his DVD.

    If anybody has more information about “The Next 12 Months” DVD, please let us know.

    Matrix Underdog

  11. Matrix Underdog

    Has anybody actually seen Lindsey’s DVD, The Next 12 Months yet?

    Lindsey Williams The Next 12 Months Survival Center is suppose to have this DVD….But…

    I have called their 1-800-321-2900 number for the last three days and every time I get a recording message that says they are closed. Yet, I call during their business hours.

    I know you can order “The Next 12 Months” DVD by using their web site. But, I’d prefer to talk to a rep before I order to make sure they are still selling this DVD.

    You never know…the Survival Center may have went into hiding to.

    Ebay doesn’t have this DVD. And so far, I can’t find it on the file sharing networks either.

    Lindsey says on his interviews with Jeff Rense, Alex Jones etc. that more details about the “Next 12 Months” are on his DVD.

    If anybody has more information about “The Next 12 Months” DVD, please let us know.

    Lindsey Williams…if you are out there…Please list some of your The Next 12 Months DVD on EBAY so us Americans can get more of your story.

    Matrix Undergog
    Matrix Underdog
    User ID: 485448
    8/16/2008 9:26 PM

    Lindsey Williams insight info on oil going to $50 a barrel will probably come to pass.

    Yet, we are dealing with the Illuminati here not a church of god. Illuminati are know to “throwing” curve balls and other things at us.

    In the Alex Jones interview, Lindsey was asked if “Mr. Big” said oil would go to $50 a barrel in the next 12 months. It is Lindsey alone that has drawn the conclusion of all this happening in the next 12 months…NOT THE ILLUMINATI

    The bottom line is this story will affect a lot people when it happens. But when??? Within 12 months or perhaps 3 years???

    As of August 16, 2008 Oil has went below $114 a barrel.

    True there was a Fox News story on 7-24-08 talking about 90 billion barrels North of Russia but the story didn’t tell us that it is ready to go online yet. And, this story isn’t totally new. There other articles that date further back about oil fields North of Russia. And though oil is off over 20% from its high, the Illuminati haven’t leaked any news to Fox about a special Indonesia oil field ready to go on line yet.

    If Oil keeps going down up to the elections–even below $100 a barrel–and still no Illuminati news about these two Oil fields flooding the market with cheap oil, then all this talk about the next 12 months is nothing more than a hogwash “curve” ball.

    Before next summer–who knows exactly when–Oil will again shoot up to a new high and gasoline will finally hit the $5.00 a gallon mark. After this happens, Lindsey’s “Next 12 Months” will become yesterday’s news–meaning the Illuminati has thrown us their curve ball on Lindsey’s behalf.

    Thereafter, Lindsey’s $50 a barrel oil could then play out for real…hoping to catch more Americans off guard.

    Americans–in fact–would “jump” higher with joy if gasoline went from $5.00 a gallon down to $2.00 than from just $3.50.

    Personally, I believe Lindsey’s story has merit. But, I find it hard to believe that everything the Illuminati told him is going to play “PERFECTLY” in Lindsey’s “Next 12 Months.”

    Matrix Underdog

  12. Matrix Underdog

    Well, I have finally been able to get a copy of Lindy Webb’s DVD, “The Next 12 Months”

    Personally, I thought Lindy did a fairly good job explaining how the Illuminati work on the “pyramid” level that which Lindsey has learned about over his 35 years with these LUCIFER Light worshipers.

    It should be obvious that America is going down to third world status. America’s population is being ever faster replaced with third world illegal aliens. Large sections of America’s wealth producing facilities have been purposely shipped over to third world countries. And…there are many more reasons that we all could go into on reasons why…chemtrails, poisonous vaccinations, feminism, toxic food supplies, fascist civil rights laws of the 60’s, etc…

    Yes, America, we are going down!!! The only question I have a problem with is the “exact timing”…Is all this going to happen in the next 12 months or is the fall going to happen around the time when the Illuminati has finished its goal of transforming America into a dark race nation?

    Matrix Underdog

  13. Matrix Underdog

    Yep, Lindsey is on track with $50 barrel oil…It settled at $67 a barrel today after testing the $66 level.(October 22, 2008)

    I’m not sure why we haven’t heard much about two major oil fields coming online yet? Perhaps after the election?…or maybe the Illuminist can get oil down to $50 a barrel without new oil fields? Anybody’s guess would be as good mine…

    And by the way…has anyone noticed that Gold & Silver have been taking a price beating lately??? Gold $728 ounce Silver $9.49 ounce

    Good luck trying to find these precious metals. The Mints aren’t taking new orders right now…and local coin shops are either out or extremely low on inventory. is finally down to just 1000 ounce bars of silver and 400 ounce bars of gold…way too rich for my blood!!!

    ***But***If you can afford the large Comex bars of gold and silver like the Illuminati can, then please buy before your dollars become completely worthless trash paper!!!

    Matrix Underdog

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