My goal has not ever been to change minds.
My goal is to open minds

So when people see my film or come to a show,
I want them to say: “Well, that’s a different way of looking at things,
and I’m maybe going to find out more.

I also want people to feel inspired,
so I try to make art that is uplifting


After 9/11,
when we were in our moment of greatest sadness as a nation
when we were mourning those deaths,
and all of us were in pain,
this small group of neoconservatives used our pain
in order to set their agenda on its course


I try to make the music be danceable,
because I find that that’s the best way to include people.

If you’re making music that has a rhythm
that people want to bounce their heads to
they find themselves doing it reflexively.

But I also try to make the music be intimate.
And so at times, the music gets quiet, and you really hear the voice.

And I think that’s really the trick
at whatever your setting is as an artist or as an entertainer
is to establish intimacy.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske