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Olympics: American Christians protest over confiscated Bibles

From: The Guardian

Four American Christians are staging a sit-in at a Chinese airport, which they refuse to leave until the authorities return 315 Bibles they were trying to bring into the country.

The group – from Vision Beyond Borders – spent the night sleeping on couches at Kunming airport in southern Yunnan Province after customs officials removed the Chinese language bibles from their luggage.

The bibles were printed in Indonesia, transferred to Thailand and transported to Kunming in duffel bags by the Wyoming-based group which distributes bibles around the world.

Pat Klein, one of the members of the group, told reporters that he was bringing the books into China because his contacts in the Chinese Christian community were unable to get hold of sufficient copies.

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  1. Rusty Freedom

    Perhaps this group could join together with other smugglers to demand their merchandise back.

    After all, the Opium Smugglers and Christians worked hand-in-hand before to effect great change in China. The Taipeng Rebellion counted 20-30 million non-believers killed because they refused to trust in the love of Jesus.

    Praise the Lord!

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