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Michael Franti & Ron Paul on Iraq: “Do Unto Others”


From: YouTube, October, 2007

The first time I really thought Ron Paul could change the world was when [I saw] the first clip of the video. When he challenged us all to take a moment to consider the war from the perspective of Iraqis I thought back to what changed my opinion on the war.

It was the moment I watched these scenes and others from Michael Franti’s movie “I Know I’m Not Alone.” Franti is the anti-Michael Moore. As the story unwinds you find a people grateful for the liberation but growing resentful of the occupation. 75,000 dead Iraqi civilians [the number is much higher now] that all had friends and family. How many people close to you would you have to lose to a foreign military on your streets before you decided to fight back? When you did, would you consider yourself an “insurgent” or a “patriot”? A “terrorist” or a “human”? We will never stop “terrorism” as long as our occupation is the primary cause of it.

Politicians make it confusing to keep you convinced it can’t be so simple. We all understand the golden rule. If we applied it to politics more often, we would be much better off.

I voted Democrat in 2006 so they would bring the troops home, and we got a surge and a continuation of the Patriot Act. Obama, Hillary, and Edwards refused to promise in the last debate to withdraw the troops in the next 5 years! Kucinich only raised $300,000 last quarter. At this point Ron Paul is the only candidate who will promise to bring our troops home now that has a shot. We need to unite behind him because he is our best shot to get the troops home and save the live or Iraqi citizens.


I am in no way implying with this video that Michael Franti endorses Ron Paul. (although I think he should)

This movie as exceptional. If every American watched it tonight, we would have the troops home next week. Franti traveled to Iraq, Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank to understand the human cost of war. Truly phenomenal I highly recommend it.

Franti and his band Spearhead also make incredible music.



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