[UFO Warning — (momentary, partially) Unclad Female Object]


“If you think ‘shut up’ [O’Reilly] is a reasonable response in a debate….”

“If you believe that Michael Savage represents a voice of reason….”

“If you think we made mistakes in the war on Iraq,
but we’ll get it right the second time [Iran]….”

“If you believe in the sanctity of this life
and this life,
but don’t mind putting these two in harms way

If you believe that FOX News is fair and balanced….”

“If you believe we have the right to police the world
because God loves us more….”

“If you don’t like paying taxes,
so you decide to put your spending on your children’s tax….”

“If you believe that the terrorists hate us because we’re free,
and so the best way to fight them is to give up some of our freedom….”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from the above video from this wise poet.