From: The International Forecaster, 8/30/08

John McCain, Manchurian Candidate and Bush Clone, has picked a pro-life Christian for his vice presidential running mate.  Sarah Palin, the current governor of Alaska, is a high-risk, high-reward choice, who will appeal to the Christian right but who is inexperienced like Obama.  If you are going to have inexperience, however, we suppose it would be better when applied to a vice president, who does little more than collect dust in a back office in the White House [except for Dick Cheney, whom many think is more powerful than President Bush – editor], although certainly experience is not necessarily a good thing, because it implies entrenched greed and corruption in the Washington setting.

What we find really interesting is that due to McCain’s age and poor health, if elected, the neophyte governor from Alaska could end up being President Palin, a pro-life Christian.  Now wouldn’t that make the Illuminati’s blood boil?  Hey, we can dream, can’t we?

Ron Paul is a better choice, however.  With him you get both honesty and several decades of experience, plus he is also a pro-life Christian, making him the obvious choice for anyone claiming to be a Christian, or for anyone who wants honest, informed, government conducted in accordance with the US Constitution which the current Administration has unceremoniously disdained and destroyed after taking an oath to uphold it.

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