From: Yubanet

During the week of September 28-October 4, nearly 100 percent of the McCain campaign’s advertisements were negative. During the same period, 34 percent of the Obama campaign’s ads were negative. Comparing this presidential election to 2004, we see that both the McCain and Obama campaigns have aired more negative advertisements than did their counterparts. In all of 2004, 64 percent of the Bush campaign’s ads were negative, while to date, 73 percent of McCain’s ads have been negative. Similarly, 34 percent of all Kerry ads were negative while 61 percent of Obama’s have been. In 2004, the DNC aired a significant number of negative ads, while this year the DNC has been largely silent in the presidential race. According to Goldstein, “This year, Obama has his own message and he’s getting it out through his own campaign. Because of Obama’s huge fundraising totals, the DNC doesn’t have to make up the difference in advertising between the two candidates.”

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