From: Prison Planet. Paul Joseph Watson writes on behalf of Alex Jones.

While mainstream corporate media lied to Americans claiming economy was strong, we were warning about a “global crash” and a faux solution of “predatory globalism” nearly two years in advance

The global economic crisis and the centralization of power that would be implemented under the pretext of fixing it were predicted by this website as well as regular guests who appeared on The Alex Jones Show for the past three years-plus.

This compilation is not an attempt to blow our own trumpet and say “we told you so,” we were merely warning about the obvious consequences of what was unfolding as well as shining a light on what the elite were saying behind closed doors.

It is offered, however, as a reminder of the fact that while the mainstream corporate media were lying to the American people in continually claiming “the economy was strong,” we were pointing out that the foundation of the financial system was crumbling to the ground, leading to the chaos that we see ensuing today.

Global Crash & Solution Of “Predatory World Government” Predicted By This Website In December 2006
In this article, we predicted the continued devaluation of the U.S. dollar, which occurred over the course of the next 18 months and an eventual “global crash” that would lead to the implementation of measures of predatory globalism to “solve the crisis”.

As talking heads on corporate media networks were blissfully parroting each other in their mantra that the economy was doing great, we predicted a “Meltdown that the cavalier and dangerous financial policies of the U.S. government….will inevitably engender.”

The call for a centralized world system of financial control, which has now been proposed, was one of the measures of “predatory globalism” that we warned about nearly two years before the bubble burst.

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