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Outlaw is defined as: a person, group, or thing excluded from the benefits and protection of the law. Americans who care about freedom and liberty have known for a long time that Congress has simply become a lawless group of political animals who care nothing for the supreme law of the land. For decades they have turned a blind eye to other outlaws operating on their behalf: non elected officials in the various cabinets and agencies who have been destroying a free market system and the Bill of Rights. The list is so long, it would fill ten columns.

For weeks, Americans have been in agony over the financial meltdown millions of us knew was coming, we just didn’t know when the numbers would catch up to the lies. The timing played just right with the normally scheduled adjournment of Congress for the year. For over a week, the massive ACORN vote fraud scandal has exposed what millions of us have known for a long time: our elections are being stolen by corruption. Corporate media has concentrated on voter registration cards, but continues to ignore the massive fraud via electronic machines and scanners; short video. The timing of the ACORN scandal plays right into the hands of the shadow government. Too little, too late with the “big day” looming. Another night of serious boob tube commentators analyzing a hoax.

The unconstitutional, immoral invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan continues because the number one issue with Americans today is how will they put food on the table tomorrow? Obama has come out with more ideas to tax you into poverty. McCain is promoting his ideas about keeping the income tax alive and well with more unconstitutional hair brained ideas; his latest idiocy carries a price tag of $52 billion dollars. Yesterday, Sarah Palin, shouted at a rally, “We will balance the budget in our first term.” What hogwash.

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