From: Global Research, November 5, 2008

The Western media has recently outdone itself in censoring important stories – stories which contradict the policies and interests the media seeks to uphold.  Western publics have been systematically misled in recent weeks on vital issues related to war-and-peace, human rights, the financial crisis, and more.  Only a few examples can be set out here.  But it should be enough to indicate the extent to which world reality is being filtered by the media. …

Another financial crisis article that western media blacked out is a tough-worded critique of U.S. financial policy from the front-page of the Chinese version of People’s Daily, the official newspaper of Chinas’ Communist party. ‘

‘U.S. has plundered world wealth with dollar…’ made it onto the Reuters wire service. The article proposed that, as a starting point, all trade transactions between Asia and Europe should be settled in Euros, Pounds, RMB, and Yen. But no western world writer or media published or alluded to the article, with one exception: Cuba’s Fidel Castro paid tribute to it in one of his weekly news columns in Cuba. Given that this article appeared on the front page of the official newspaper of the governing party of China, failure to relay it to western publics is a serious ommission.

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