Trends Forecaster, Gerald Celente: The GREATEST Depression Coming — “This is the time for innovation … The best of times for the people of a higher moral character”

Alex Jones interviews Gerald Celente, CEO of Trends Research Institute, 11/17/08

Outline and transcriptions by Jeff Fenske

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“Current events form future trends. … We look at over 300 different categories on a daily basis, worldwide, looking for those major trends that are shaping the future.”

“We look at this data [from numerous areas];
we analyze it…as political atheists [completely objective skeptics].”

We look at events for what they are and not what we want them to be,”

Globalnomic: including the entire world + to manage
Because trends can be managed.

How Celente became a trends forecaster
Began Trends Research Institute in 1980

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“We think the real breakdown is going to begin in February.”

Why this depression will be the worst.

Unless we have
an alternative energy breakthrough
other than solar, wind, geothermal, etc.

A bank holiday.

Gold goes up. Houses go down.

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Gold confiscation?

People will revolt.

“We think the first cracks will become very evident in February. …
From then on, it’s going to go downhill from there.”

Commercial real estate glut. You’ll start seeing ghost-malls.

“As the giants fall, they’re going to leave big gaps left behind.
And that’s where the entrepreneur is to move into these slots.”

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Agriculture: “This is a great time for local.”

“Crime is going to be rampant.”

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“Start thinking in terms of survival.”

Victory gardens instead of grass.

Sell equipment that’s not being used, now.

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Bank runs by February?

This is the time for innovation….
This is a time for people that think for themselves,
that are intelligent, that are true to their word, true to themselves.
They can make a fortune during these times.
These are the best of times for the people of a higher moral character.”


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2 thoughts on “Trends Forecaster, Gerald Celente: The GREATEST Depression Coming — “This is the time for innovation … The best of times for the people of a higher moral character”

  1. Great Interview!
    Check out the Freedom Links on this page for more instructions on WHAT
    to do in the upcoming months.
    Get a water filter & harvest rainwater.
    Store dehydrated foods NOW>
    Buy seeds to plant and start a garden.
    SELL all the stuff you don’t need NOW!
    May God Bless Us ALL!

  2. Marlene

    I believe that the citizens of the United States will revolt because of the government’s “child trafficking” of their children. Children are being removed for money and placed in the custody of the state to gain money for adoptions, the contractors, therapists, case managers judges and all that receive incentives and bonuses for the removal of children. Violations of color of law and contitiutional rights are being committed by the very people that should be upholding the laws.
    We have documents and records to prove all of this.

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