Celente: The Greatest Depression — Using 1930’s Models to Get Us Out of This is Really Stupid”

From: Prison Planet; transcription by Jeff Fenske



“What are we going to see happening to the society, to people’s day-to-day lives in terms of how they treat one another, crime?”

Gerald Celente TrendsResearch.com:

“When I say it’s going to be worse than the Great Depression, we call this the Greatest Depression. And by the way, to be using 1930’s models to get us out of this is really stupid. Back then, when we first crashed, most people didn’t own homes. There was no such thing as a home equity loan. And back then, people didn’t have credit cards. The consumer wasn’t 14 trillion dollars in debt. We had a manufacturing base that built the world out of the Great Depression, following World War II. We no longer have that.

So now, people are at their ends. They’re stressed out. America is the most depressed nation, already. They take more anti-depressent drugs than anybody. Plus the other kind of drugs that they’re taking. You’re going to see crime levels…. It’s going to be very violent in America. …

When people lose everything, and they have nothing to lose, they lose it. You’re going to see ‘off with their heads.’ There’s going to be another revolution in this country.”


“So you don’t think Obama is different in any way?”


“‘By their deeds you shall know them.’ If I bring in a hitter that strikes out every time, and I want him to play in the world series, is he going to hit the ball over the fence?

They brought in Larry Summers, Timothy Geitner. Look at the crew. Look at who they are. They’re strike-out artists, every one of them. The only thing that they know how to do is not to get their fingernails dirty.”

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