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‘Coast’ Recap 2/12/09: UFO Wars — See UFOs with Night Vision Optics

From: Coast to Coast AM

Check out Ed Grimsley’s aerial video footage, captured through night vision.


Thursday February 12th, 2009


UFO Wars

Appearing during the middle half of the show, UFO researcher Ed Grimsley spoke about his observations of spacecraft, some of which appear to be conducting wars. As a teen in 1961, he said he first saw UFOs firing at each other in the night skies, while he was staying at a campsite. Years later, he sought out night vision equipment to look for UFOs– he currently uses 3rd generation military-grade PV7 night vision goggles (estimated cost between $3000-$4000).

Grimsley reported seeing crafts of different shapes and sizes, and estimated that some of the vehicles were hundreds of miles out in space. One craft, he said, was moving at around 5,000 mph and traversed through a blue crystalline tube, an energy field that it projected in front of itself. In describing battles between ships, he said they fire laser beams or ball energy on each other, and the weapons seem to travel 3-4 times faster than what he first observed in 1961.

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