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America’s Missed Opportunity: Dr. Ron Paul was Right















CNBC Anchors Mortified That Ron Paul Was Allowed Air Time — “This is not going as planned”


Bob Chapman: We Watch Now As Funds Get Vaporized (Including Pensions) —”Right has become wrong, and wrong has become right, just as the Bible warned. Surely, we are in the End Times”

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  1. Ron

    More Americans Are Saying No to the FED & the National Debt!

    Washington has bailed out the banks, Wall Street & their Washington special interests and much of the cost is added to the national debt to by paid by this and future generations while real estate and investments continue to fall. Find out what a growing repudiate the debt movement could mean for treasuries, the dollar, gold and mining shares.

    The Campaign to Cancel the Washington National Debt By 12/22/2013 Constitutional Amendment is starting now in the U.S. See:

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