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US: Owner of flight school that trained 9/11 terrorists is arrested on huge Ponzi Scheme that may be connected to the Mob. Very interesting story for dot connectors. Madcow 2009 Mar 20 (Cached)

UN wants to tax producing countries on their consumption of oil and use the revue (what’s left after paying UN expenses) to fund government projects in non-producing countries. Pure collectivism.
Reuters 2009 Mar 19 (Cached)

US; House passes 90% tax on bonuses to anyone at a company that received bailout. While many cheered, Congressman Ron Paul called the measure a distraction, a disgrace, and unconstitutional. He is right. The problem is the HUGE expansion of money that Congress approved, not the relatively small bonuses. The bill merely allows politicians to appear that they are protecting taxpayers when, in reality, they are robbing them blind. Raw Story 2009 Mar 19 (Cached)

US: Fannie Mae, which was bailed out with billions of taxpayers dollars – and says it needs much more – plans to pay its executives $1 million bonuses each. Washington Post 2009 Mar 19 (Cached)

Chinese spy who defected from the Communist Party tells all. Washington Times 2009 Mar 19 (Cached)

US: House passes mandatory national service bill. Formulas to be developed for requiring all youth to serve the government. Prison Planet 2009 Mar 19 (Cached)

US: Senator Chris Dodd says: I did not do it, I did not know it was done, No one told me, I was forced to do it, I was misunderstood, I had to do it to save America! Yahoo 2009 Mar 18 (Cached)

Obama wants to disarm commercial pilots so they cannot defend against hijackers.
2009 Mar 18 (Cached)

Obama backs a federal Europe as part of the continuing march into global government based on the model of collectivism. Telegraph 2009 Mar 18 (Cached)

US: John Stossel on ABC’s 20/20 gives a refreshingly accurate and irreverent view of the bailout program. 20/20 2009 Mar 18

UN panel says world should ditch the dollar. The stage is being set for a new regional currencies which are the next step toward the loss of national sovereignty and the building of the New World Order.
2009 Mar 18 (Cached)

US: Group appeals to citizen anger over bank bailouts but offers no solution except more government. Blames greedy bankers but ignores Federal Reserve and fiat money. This is fake opposition to harness protest and block real reform. A New Way 2009 Mar 18 (Cached)

US: Taxpayers outraged over AIG bonuses. People are focused on the wrong issue. The greater fraud is that AIG was bailed out at all, not how it used the money. WSJ 2009 Mar 18 (Cached)

In this province of Zimbabwe, common people must mine for gold or starve, because government money has collapsed. A looking glass into the future for the rest of the world? YouTube 2009 Mar 17

Shoes and words fly as Canadians protest Bush at Calgary speech. Raw Story 2009 Mar 17 (Cached)

US: Diebold Company, that makes voting machines for 34 states, admits the machines allow ballots to be deleted without any record of the deletions – so there is no audit trail for fraud. They were designed that way. BradBlog 2009 Mar 17 (Cached)

Obama announces “Zero-to-five” plan to place children under the care of government centers starting from shortly after birth – to help them become better educated, of course. Washington Post 2009 Mar 17 (Cached)

Investigation of 9/11: Produced in Europe. So far this is the best overview we have seen. It’s hard to believe that anyone can see this and still believe the official myth of 9/11. Watch before it is pulled from the Internet. Google Video 2009 Mar 17

US: Experts say that AIG likely will never pay back the bailout “loans” of taxpayers dollars. This is news? MSNBC 2009 Mar 16 (Cached)

Montana legislature considers return to gold and silver dollars for official payments. Slams Federal Reserve System as theft of common man’s wealth. WND 2009 Mar 16 (Cached)

U.S. Mint suspends production (again) of gold and silver coins, claiming that the demand is too great. Another way of saying that is that their supply of gold and silver is too small.
Gold and Silver Blog
2009 Mar 14 (Cached)

Collapse of the Dollar. This is the Power Point presentation made by Dr. Larry Parks before the Montana state legislative committee on sound money. It is an excellent overview of the case against fiat money and for a return to gold or silver-backed money. MontanaSoundMoney Posted 2009 Mar 14

Ron Paul debates in favor of de-criminalizing Marijuana and ending so-called war on drugs. Classic libertarian view. LarryKingLive Posted 2009 Mar 14

You’ve Got A Friend. Truly fascinating sand art. One scene constantly changing into another as we watch. YouTube Posted 2009 Mar 14

The Obama Deception. Here is the long-awaited video documentary that exposes Obama as a tool of the same hidden forces that directed the Bush Admin.
YouTube Posted 2009 Mar 14

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