From: PBS

[Video clip of Santana and band performing live.]

Tavis: You were grooving to that. Were you liking what you heard?

Carlos Santana: Oh, totally. It’s a surge, it still feels like when you’re a child and they let you ride that water slide, only we’re going up instead of down. (Laughter.)

Tavis: No matter how many times you play a classic like “Smooth” you find something different, the presentation is different every time you play it?

Santana: Yes, because we found a way to understand why Marvin Gaye or Coltrane or Bob Marley, they enter a place of eternity when they go into this — for basketball players it’s the zone, the groove. We have a beautiful saying; it says “When eternity nears, time disappears.” And when you catch that groove, then you enter into that place where like I said, Marvin Gaye or Miles or Coltrane, they’re here. They’re really, really here.

And so when I hear music and I go in it, that’s where I bring my band and myself, into that place where time disappears, gravity disappears, illusions disappear, and you go right into the center of your light. And that’s the only place to really hang out.

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