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2009 MAY 9 — MAY 15

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Beware of the following headline: “12 students confirmed with Swine Flu in a Texas school. 400 stay home sick.” That’s the way the news is reported in this article but, when you read the details, you discover that those students who stayed home were not sick at all. Their parents used that excuse to keep them out of school because they were afraid they might get the flu if they went. Such is the power of journalism. Houston Chronicle 2009 May 15 (Cached)

FROM THE PUBLISHER: When reading the blaring headlines from mainstream media about the so-called Swine Flu Pandemic, keep in mind that 36,000 people in the U.S. die every year from common flu. Be suspicious that many of the “confirmed” deaths from Swine Flue are not that at all. Be very, very skeptical about this scenario. The Evil Empire is working hard to scare us into being grateful for martial law and other losses of liberty – all in the name of being protected.

US: Boy Scouts being trained to serve as soldiers and policemen – to fight drug dealers and terrorists, of course. Raw Story 2009 14 (Cached)

Four U.S. citizens found beaten, stabbed, and strangled in Tijuana. Yahoo 2009 May 14 (Cached)

Large group of new photos released showing prisoner torture by U.S. military. Obama vowed to prevent them from being made public, but they were leaked anyway. Telegraph 2009 May 14 (Cached)

Chrysler eliminates 789 dealers, 25% of the total.
Zero Hedge 2009 May 14 (Cached)

US: House approves another $96.7 billion to fund wars. When the chips are down and the speeches are over, anti-war Democrats are no different from pro-war Republicans. Raw Story 2009 May 14 (Cached)

China: Beijing lawyers beaten by police for defending Falun Gong practitioners. Epoch Times 2009 May 14 (Cached)

US: One of the main sources for the 9/11 Commission Report was tortured until he signed a confession he was not even allowed to read.
Washington Blog 2009 May 14 (Cached)

US: Six large insurance companies to receive billions of dollars in taxpayer-supplied bailout.
NY Times
2009 May 14 (Cached)

US: Obama breaks another campaign promise and will continue Bush-era military tribunals.
Raw Story 2009 May 14 (Cached)

Medicare and Social Security finances becoming worse that predicted. Both funds soon will be out of money. Yahoo 2009 May 13 (Cached)

US: Here we go again. After receiving $51.7 billion bailout, Freddie Mack now needs another $6.1 billion. CNNMoney 2009 May 12 (Cached)

Lawsuit heads for trial that challenges legality of electronic voting machines. Daily Paul 2009 May 12 (Cached)

GM shares fall to 76-year low after execs dump stock. Reuters 2009 May 12 (Cached)

GM CEO says bankruptcy likely. Firm may leave Detroit. CNBC 2009 May 11 (Cached)

US: Federal government moves to control all water sources, including “prarie potholes” – no kidding. Add to that control over all food and … well, you get the idea. American Daughter 2009 May 10 (Cached)

US: Fed Chairman Bernanke and top Atlanta bankers to meet at Jekyll Island Club where Federal Reserve was conceived in 1910. We can imagine that many of the original plans and deceptions will be hot topics once again. Trading Markets 2009 May 9 (Cached)

Blank walls never looked like this before. What incredible skill it takes to create such magnificent illusions. Eric Grohe Posted 2009 May 9

Germany: Inventor applies for patent of microchip to be implanted in humans that can track location and, if said to be enemy of the state, can be remotely triggered to cause instant death. Patent was denied, but that does not mean the device is abandoned or cannot be used. This is the future of mankind under collectivism. TV Press Posted 2009 May 9 (Cached)

Michelle Obama was paid $317,000 salary for a part-time job after her husband became a Senator. Her husband then requested a $1 million earmark for her employer. When she left the job, no one was hired to replace her. Any questions?
Free Library
Posted 2009 May 9 (Cached)

UK: Queen of England gives President of Mexico a copy of George Orwell’s nightmarish novel, 1984, which depicts the world controlled by collectivism. A very strange and highly significant gift.
Telegraph Posted 2009 May 9 (Cached)

US: Swine Flue martial-law bill clears Massachusetts Senate. If Governor declares emergency, there will be no such thing as private property or freedom of movement. Infowars Posted 2009 May 9 (Cached)

US: Collectivists are trying to hijack the Tea Party movement and use it to promote the destruction of the American Constitution in the guise of re-writing it to make it better. JBS Posted 2009 May 9 (Cached)