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2009 MAY 16 – MAY 22

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Hawaii judge halts electronic voting because the vote machines are unlawfully implemented.
Brad Blog
2009 May 21 (Cached)

US: FCC claims right to search your house any time, night or day, without a search warrant.
Wired 2009 May 21 (Cached)

Mexico City ends swine flu alert. No new cases in a week. Breitbart 2009 May 21 (Cached)

China, the world’s greatest polluter, demand “rich countries+ cut emissions by 40%.
Breitbart 2009 May 21 (Cached)

US: Fed pumps another $7.5 billion into GMAC and moves to take control. Detroit News 2009 May 20 (Cached)

Minnesota mom and her son with cancer go into hiding to escape state ordered chemotherapy. This news article makes it sound like chemo is highly effective (not true) and that mother is a bit wacko (also not true). Now she is classed as a criminal with a warant for her arrest. Fox 2009 May 20 (Cached)

Japan’s economy takes a record plunge.
Telegraph 2009 May 20 (Cached)

Britain sinks into deepest deflation since 1948. Telegraph 2009 May 19 (Cached)

Russia stops using the Dollar as its basic reserve currency. As the Federal Reserve creates obscene amounts of new money with nothing of value behind it, its purchasing power goes down, and other nations no longer want it. Neither should you.
Pravda 2009 May 19 (Cached)

US: Democrat controlled Senate balks at closing Guantanamo. That was their campaign promise As Lenin said, “Words are one thing. Actions another.” does anyone still think there is a difference between the Republican and Democrat parties?
NY Times 2009 May 19 (Cached)

New Zealand: Bakers furious over government plan to require mass medication of bread. This is a classic case of collectivism in which debate is over whether the measure will produce more harm than good. No one challenges the assumption that mass medication is a proper function of the state. NZHerald 2009 May 17 (Cached)

“War is a racket.” That is the theme of a speech that became a booklet published in 1935 by Maj. General Smedley Butler. Here, it is delivered as the original speech by actor Graham Frye.
Brasscheck Posted 2009 May 16.
You can read the whole booklet here.

Minnesota judge rules that parents must allow doctors to treat their son with chemotherapy over their objections. Under collectivism, the state is supreme and makes all important decisions for citizens – for their own good, of course. Yahoo Posted 2009 May 16 (Cached)

Report ranks U.S. number 6 among police-state spying on its citizens. Only Russia, China, North Korea, Belarus, and the UK are worse.
Posted 2009 May 16 (Cached)

G. Edward Griffin interviewed by Gary Franchi on The Federal Reserve. An overview and update.
Reality Report
Posted 2009 May 16

Wisconsin court rules that police can secretly place a tracking device on your car without a search warrant and that this does not deny your rights.
Chicago Tribune Posted 2009 May 16 (Cached)

“No he can’t.” A black Associate Professor at Illinois State University explains why she could not vote for Obama. This lady has courage.
Tri-City Herald
Posted 2009 May 16 (Cached)