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2009 MAY 23 — MAY 29

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Fake rape photos once again flood Internet to distract from and discredit real photos of torture scandal in military prisons. Disinformation now is common to confuse the public and protect government corruption. Prison Planet 2009 May 29 (Cached)

US: National debt surges 12%. Taxpayers hit with another $55,000 per household to cover just the expenses of the last year. Collectivist politicians will never stop until they have it all or until we throw them out. USA Today 2009 May 28 (Cached)

Virginia bans smiles at DMV to provide better computerized facial recognition. Photos now will look like prison mug shots. Yahoo 2009 May 28 (Cached)

US: 12% (one in eight) home buyers now in foreclosure or late in payments. Yahoo 2009 May 28 (Cached)

US: Revenue from income tax drops 34% from last year. USA Today 2009 May 28 (Cached)

US: Fed Chairman Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Paulson ordered Bank of America Execs to defraud their stockholders, which they did to keep their jobs. All of them committed bank fraud for which others would go to prison. In collectivism, leaders are above the law. New American 2009 May 28 (Cached)

US: Top architect appears on TV and explains why 9/11 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and that Al Qaeda did not have the technology to do it. YouTube 2009 May 28 (Cached)

Obama burns 9,116 gallons of fuel flying to Iowa to give a speech about making the U.S. more energy efficient. Under collectivism, image is more important than reality. New American 2009 May 28 (Cached)

California wants payment of its debt to be backed by the federal government (which means taxpayers from all states). The whole system has become a collectivist con game. My Way 2009 May 27 (Cached)

Obama’s Transportation Secretary says he wants to coerce people out of their cars and is openly enthusiastic about government intrusion in people’s lives. He is the classic collectivist. CNS 2009 May 26 (Cached)

US: Government expected to own 70% of restructured General Motors. Unions will hold 20%. 10% left for the investors – who will be wiped out.
NY Times 2009 May 26 (Cached)

Obama to merge Homeland Security with new global security agency – as the push to eliminate American sovereignty continues full force. 2009 May 26 (Cached)

US: The largest so-called peace organization, Move-On, remains silent about the escalation of war by the Obama regime. That’s because it is not a peace organization but a cheering section for the Democrat Party. Nation 2009 May 26 (Cached)

Office space in midtown Manhattan now available at only 40% of the cost a year ago.
Calculated Risk
2009 May 26 (Cached)

Obama gives Memorial Day speech in which he praises the Constitution and simultaneously proposes indefinite imprisonment of those who have committed no crime but who the government thinks will do so in the future. That is a violation of the Constitution. Brasscheck 2009 May 25

New freedom coalition formed at Jekyll Island. “Don’t Tread on Me” flag flown over same building where Federal Reserve was conceived. (See photo)
2009 May 25 (Cached)

China: Pelosi’s visit prompts thousands to demonstrate against Communist Party, hoping to send a message to America to pressure the Chinese government for reform. It is sad that they are unaware that the U.S is becoming more like China every day. Epoch Times 2009 May 22 (Cached)

US: Threats against judges and prosecutors escalate. Seattle Times 2009 May 25 (Cached)

Children who get flu shots have three time the risk of hospitalization for flu.
Science Daily
Posted 2009 May 23 (Cached)

Chimpanzee that mauled Connecticut woman had the so-called anti-depressant drug Zanax in its system. This is the same class of drugs taken by many young shooters on campuses. Authorities cannot say that the drug is related to these rampages. Of course not. they do not want to be sued by Big Pharma.
Insurance Journal Posted 2009 May 23 (Cached)

US: A San Diego couple have been told by the government that they may not hold Bible studies in their home without payment of thousands of dollars for a “major-Use Permit.” WND Posted 2009. May 23 (Cached)

You are not free. They own you – and everything you have – and everything you earn. What are you going to do about it? Very provocative.
Brasscheck Posted 2009 May 23

US: Now it taboo to talk about the weather – if it focuses on global cooling instead of warming.
Posted 2009 May 23 (Cached)

“Super Size Me!” A classic documentary on the effect of fast foods on American health. If you haven’t yet seen this, now’s your chance.
Posted 2009 May 23

World’s first battery re-fuelled by air – is lighter and lasts longer from the same charge. This is good news for everyone, especially those developing electric cars. Telegraph Posted 2009 May 23 (Cached)