More Ultra-Vivid Headlines from G. Edward Griffin’s

2009 JULY 18 — JULY 24

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US: Guaranty Trust of Texas is out of money and will be taken over by the government. This will be the largest bank failure so far in 2009.
Dallas News 2009 July 24 (Cached)

Pfizer to pay $75 million damages to Nigerian families for harm done to their children in drug experiments. Natural News 2009 July 24 (Cached)

UK: Economy shrank by .8% in second quarter, more than twice as much as the economic experts predicted. Bloomberg 2009 July 24 (Cached)

Rolling Stone journalist exposes how Goldman Sachs has taken control of the federal government. This is one of the most informative 15 minutes you will ever experience. YouTube 2009 July 24

US: Obama appoints food safety czar, a former Monsanto VP who covered up safety concerns about genetically modified foods and put industry profit ahead of public protection. Another federal agency with a fox in charge of guarding the henhouse. Huffington Post 2009 July 23 (Cached)

US: Government has purchased 195 million doses of Swine Flu vaccine. No one yet knows if they will work or how serious the side effects will be.
Yahoo 2009 July 23 (Cached)

US: Former Lieutenant Governor of New Youk says Obama’s proposed health care plan requires seniors to have “end-of-life” counseling to prepare them to die sooner. WND 2009 July 22 (Cached)

Orwell’s book, 1984, is removed from Amazon’s Kindle devices without knowledge of customers. Reason was not book banning (this time) but shows how easy digitally stored knowledge can be put into “the memory hole” in the future.
Natural News 2009 July 22 (Cached)

US: Fed Reserve Chairman Bernanke grilled mercilessly by Congressman Grayson over why the Fed gave a half-trillion American dollars to foreign central banks. This should end any doubt about the global loyalties of U.S. banking elitists.
2009 July 21

US: Commercial real estate drops 7.6% in May. Now down  35% from its 2007 peak. Further decline anticipated. Calculated Risk 2009 July 21 (Cached)

Obama, speaking of the economic crisis, says: “The fire is out now.” Huh? Raw Story 2009 July 20 (Cached)

China: Two more social networking web sites are closed to prevent spreading news that is embarrassing to the government.
SFGate 2009 July 21 (Cached)

US: Washington tells Tennessee it cannot exempt guns from federal regulations even if they are made and sold entirely within the state. A showdown on this issue looms ahead. WND 2009 July 21 (Cached)

US: Former Treasury Secretary Paulson squirms and stutters as Congressman Stearns confronts him with his record of giving taxpayers’ billions to the company he used to head and for closing the companies that were his competitors. This is a lesson in massive corruption. Voteronpaul 2009 July 20

US: Author, radio host Alan Stang dies. His incisive commentary on behalf of truth and freedom will be missed. WND 2009 July 20 (Cached)

US: Secretary of Defense Gates announces army being increased by 22,000 for expanded war in Middle East. SFGate 2009 July 20 (Cached)

Ex CIA operative tells how he was assigned to “neutralize” or murder those who challenge government agendas. This includes American opposition political figures who gain too much favor with voters. He gives names and events.
Brasscheck 2009 July 18

US: FDA threatens to seize all products that mention Swine Flu – except vaccines that either are harmful or just don’t work. Drugless therapies are the target.
Natural News
2009 July 18 (Cached)

Milk is NOT needed for health and may actually be detrimental. Mercola 2009 July 18 (Cached)

Britain supports Blair for EU President,  a post that doesn’t yet exist. “Britain” in this case is not the people or their elected representatives but un-named elitists who are pushing for a stronger EU.
Posted 2009 July 18 (Cached)

G. Edward Griffin interviewed on Fox News by Judge Napolitano. Topics include Federal Reserve and New World Order. YouTube Posted 2009 July 18

US: Obama’s Science Czar said that forced abortion and mass sterilization are needed to save the planet. Public outrage has caused him to claim he now disavows this view, but his elitist mindset has not changed. Zombietime Posted 2009 July 18 (Cached)

Popular acid-reflux medication, when it is discontinued, agravates the condition it supposedly treats. Even though relief may be only partial, patients must stay with it or get worse. Gastroenterology Posted 2009 July 18 (Cached)

US: Internet sellers are warned they may have to collect sales tax in all 50 states. Posted 2009 July 18 (Cached)

Former Israeli Minister says Israel government always accuses its critics of anti-Semitism “as a trick” to silence the opposition.
YouTube Posted 2009 July 18