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“Challenge Me On The Facts” – How Charlie Sheen Energized The 9/11 Truth Movement

From: Infowars

Steve Watson
Tuesday, Sept 8, 2009

Charlie Sheen’s exclusive article today published at and provides a lengthy and detailed bibliography of facts relating to the 9/11 cover up.

Back in 2006 when Sheen first went public with his views on 9/11 as an inside job an the Alex Jones show, he was subject to months of abuse and personal attacks completely unrelated to the issue he was attempting to push into the mainstream.

Sheen asked the media to “challenge me on the facts”, however that challenge was lost in a sea of disinformation disseminated by the corporate media.

This time Sheen has meticulously planned his approach, so as to focus the attention on the undeniable facts he presents in his open letter to the president.

Sheen told Alex Jones in a twenty minute interview last week, now available exclusively on, that his intention was to create “a public document specifically rooted in fact.”

“The truth is unchanging.” Sheen added. “Everything in this letter will withstand the critical assault I am more than prepared to endure.”

Since Sheen appeared on the Alex Jones show and subsequently at the national American Scholars Symposium on 9/11 in the Summer of 2006, there is no doubt that the issue of the 9/11 cover up has shifted into mainstream consciousness.

Since that time we have seen a barrage of hit pieces from major media corporations such as The History Channel, the BBC, Popular Mechanics and the National Geographic Channel.

Each attack has fallen flat on its face, however, and has actually had the opposite effect that was intended, in waking more people up to the fraud that is the official version of events surrounding the attacks.

Now Sheen is back, in response to the call for him to stand up again and continue where he left off in 2006. With so many more people now awake to the whitewash that was the official 9/11 investigation, and with everything that has ensued in the fallout of the 21st century’s defining event, Sheen can help us generate a second massive wave of public awakening.

For newer readers, uninformed media representatives, and as a way of providing more context to Charlie Sheen’s latest efforts to push for a new investigation into 9/11, here are links to articles and stories arising from Sheen’s original groundbreaking effort to shatter the mainstream media silence on the official conspiracy theory.

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