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QUIZ: Which part of Rush Limbaugh’s brain does he tie behind his back? | Where is the fear of God in America?

Which part of Rush Limbaugh’s brain does he state is tied behind his back?

I would say the truth-no-matter-what side —
an honest and a pure heart.

Where is the fear of God in America?

Oh, that’s right,
it’s not fear anymore,
just reverence and awe.

With half of the biblical truth tied behind our backs
we can do anything,
killing them over there
though they didn’t do anything to us over here.

We never repent…
and think it’s okay
because Rush says it’s okay …???

– jeff fenske

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  1. Tip Top

    Rush only pays God lip service. I have NEVER heard him comment on his show of attending a church service; not EVEN on Christmas, or Easter! I have heard of many a golf game, however.
    God seems to be dealing with Rush very well by taking back some of that talent on loan to Rush such as taking Rush’s hearing when he abused oxycontin. There’s a chance He will take Rush’s vision for using Viagra. Then, Rush would be both deaf and dumb.

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