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2009 SEPTEMBER 19 – 25

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Obama to bypass Congress and allow the indefinite detention of terrorist suspects without charges. another solemn campaign promise bites the dust. Raw Story 2009 Sept 25 (Cached)

US: Small car company backed by Al Gore gets $529 million loan from federal government to build sports cars selling for $89,000. Take from the rich and give to the poor, right? WSJ 2009 Sept 25 (Cached)

US: Most parents now say they will not have their kids vaccinated against Swine Flu.
LA Times
2009 Sept 25 (Cached)

G. Edward Griffin addresses the issue of psychiatry and mind-altering drugs as weapons for controlling and punishing political dissidents.
2009 Sept 25

US: Large-loan losses (loans over $20 million) nearly triple in 2009. Bank losses expected to be $53 billion. Taxpayers again will pick up the tab.
2009 Sept 25 (Cached)

Swine flu victim is given up as terminal but then starts taking IV vitamin C in spite of opposition from hospital and fully recovers.
2009 Sept 24 (Cached)

US: New Jersey elementary school kids are taught songs praising Obama (video and lyrics included on this site). This is collectivist indoctrination of youth reminiscent of North Korea, communist China, the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany.
Fox News
2009 Sept 24
Compare this with children used in Obama campaign video, followed by similar action in Nazi Germany. YouTube

UK: Mental health act changed to allow those who refuse swine flu vaccine to be declared paranoid, imprisoned in hospitals, and forcibly drugged – all under government guidelines. Flu Case 2009 Sept 23 (Cached)

Panel of experts from wide spectrum of business sees additional harm to the economy as result of cap-and-trade. No surprises there. Heritage Foundation 2009 Sept 23 (Cached)

US: Global warming claims are based on decades of temperature data. For years, those who requested access to this data were told they weren’t “qualified” to see it. Now, no one can see it because the data supposedly has been “lost”. The dog ate global warming. National Review 2009 Sept 23 (Cached)

China: Government announces massive weather modification program to prevent rain from upsetting parade and outdoor celebration of Mao’s birthday. Who says weather modification isn’t real?
2009 Sept 23 (Cached)

US: Center for Disease Control stumbles over evidence (but fails to acknowledge it) that vitamin-D deficiency is related to swine-flue deaths. This flies in face of germ theory and, if acknowledged, would cause Big Pharma to lose billions of vaccine dollars. So don’t expect to hear about it in mainstream media. Mercola 2009 Sept 22

US: Bacteria research scientist suddenly dies of the Plague, apparently caused by a vaccine supposedly to prevent it. Is there a lesson here for the Swine Flu vaccine? WSL-TV 2009 Sept 22 (Cached)

Iran: President Ahmadinejad announced the switch from Dollars to Euros for the settlement of oil sales. When Saddam threatened to do that, the U.S. invaded. Arabian Business 2009 Sept 21 (Cached)

UK: Government seeks high court permission to trespass on private land and to bug vehicles – all to protect the environment, of course.
Register 2009 Sept 21 (Cached)

Novartis pharmaceutical develops microchips implanted in pills so authorities can know which patients choose not to take medication. No more faking it. Big Brother is watching your every swallow. Financial Times 2009 Sept 21 (Cached)

China: Police and mob attack home church, demolish building, and savagely beat 100-person congregation. Epoch Times 2009 Sept 19 (Cached)

Michael Moore‘s new film, “Capitalism: A Love Story”, blames bankers and greedy businessmen for our economic crisis. He is right on that but claims these people are capitalists and that capitalism must be replaced. With what? More government control, of course. Banks and large corporations have been partners with government for decades. What he calls capitalism really is collectivism. His solution is more of the same and will make matters worse.
Sacramento Bee
2009 Sept 19 (Cached)

Ten monstrous lies about the swine flu that you must not believe. Natural News Posted 2009 Sept 19 (Cached)

UK: It’s heeer! In a trial program, employees’ pay is docked when they exceed their carbon emission limit. Those who use less than their quota are rewarded. Times Online Posted 2009 Sept 19 (Cached)

Gold vs. the Dollar: See how and why every dollar you have is worth only two cents what it was worth before the Federal Reserve started to destroy it. YouTube Posted 2009 Sept 19

Massachusetts high court rules it is OK for police to break into a vehicle and secretly plant global positioning devices if they get a warrant first. Case involves tracking a drug dealer. Next time it could be a political dissident.
Boston Globe
Posted 2009 Sept 19 (Cached)

Tour the Murtha Airport. If you think you know about wasted tax dollars and political corruption, you’ll still be amazed by this one.
Google Video Posted 2009 Sept 19

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