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Private police and military force arrives in Hardin, Montana, to take over prison facility and build training center for foreign military forces. Head of organization is a career criminal and may be fronting for the disgraced Blackwater group.
Prison Planet 2009 Oct 2 (Cached)

US: Federal government helps local police purchase sonic weapons used to inflict pain and damage hearing to disperse demonstrators.
Washington Post
2009 Oct 1 (Cached)

US: Auto sales take a nosedive after cash-for-clunkers program expires. All it did was take money from everyone and give it to auto dealers and a few buyers. This is stimulus? Business Insider 2009 Oct 1 (Cached)

US: Federal government is stealing American land and resources as part of UN program called “Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.” Its goal is to erase humans from 50% of American land, with a ban on extraction of resources, including water! Unfiltered News 2009 Oct 1

New York health care workers revolt over swine flu vaccine. Those that refuse will lose their jobs. Most of them say they would rather be fired than be vaccinated. WCBS-TV � 2009 September 30 (Cached)

Lou Dobbs at CNN reports on the above story. YouTube 2009 Sept 30

US relinquishes control of the Internet. Future control will be shared by all governments via the UN. Censorship now is inevitable.
2009 Sept 30 (Cached)

US: Senior official in Bush domestic propaganda program remains as Obama�s Pentagon spokesman. Another example of commonality between Republicans and Democrats in spite of campaign rhetoric. Raw Story 2009 September 29. (Cached)

Luke tells what happened to demonstrators in Pittsburg following the G-20 meeting. Police surrounded them, demanded that they disperse, wouldn’t allow them to do so; then abused, gassed, and arrested them. See it for yourself.
YouTube 2009 Sept 29

New York school district forbids students to walk or ride their bikes to school – even with their parents. Collectivist control freaks are in charge.
Times Union 2009 September 29 (Cached)

Michigan forbids woman from baby-sitting neighbors’ kids while they wait for the school bus, because that makes her an unlicensed day-care provider. Collectivist control freaks are in charge here, too. Yahoo 2009 Sept 29. (Cached)
See the MSNBC report of the above story, including interviews with the woman and the mothers of the kids. MSNBC Sept 29

UK: 14-year-old girl dies after receiving an HPV vaccine while thousands of girls suffer adverse reactions. Previous illness may have weakened their resistance to toxic components of the vaccine. Telegraph 2009 Sept 28 (Cached)

New Jersey mandates that all children be vaccinated for swine flu or be expelled from school. [It could be argued that non-compliant parents are keeping them out of school and be jailed.] Such is the face of collectivism. YouTube 2009 Sept 28

Famous “hockey stick” graph, showing recent global warming, is exposed as a fraud. Tree-ring data was cherry-picked to produce a false result. Using the entire data set, the hockey stick disappears and the graph actually turns downward.
National Review 2009 Sept 28 (Cached)

China: Communist Party goal is to maintain one-party rule and to keep people docile.
The Star
2009 Sept 27 (Cached)

Canada, Ontario: Authorities reveal that seasonal flu shots raise risk of catching swine flu! Instead of critically looking at the whole vaccine campaign, they urge people to postpone seasonal flu shots until after they get swine flu shots. Is this stupidity or what? CBC Posted 2009 Sept 26

When drugs and therapy won’t cure depression, running will. This is an inspiring true-life recovery. You probably know someone who should know this. Washington Post Posted 2009 Sept 26 (Cached)

Vaccine Nation is the title of this documentary. Whatever else you do this week, take the time to watch it – and get your family and friends to do the same. Prime Meridian Posted 2009 Sept 26

A compelling comparison between the global warming movement and a religious cult. Entertaining and, at the same time, eerie in its accuracy. American Thinker Posted 2009 Sept 26 (Cached)

Stupid in America, a 20/20 program hosted by John Stossel, compares the worst and best schools in America. The difference is not the amount of money spent but the degree to which competition and freedom-of-choice are present. This is a classic. YouTube Posted 2009 Sept 26

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