From: Jeff Fenske, “Power to the Peaceful!”

President Obama campaigned on a peace platform — that change will come to America in the form of peace — but he’s done almost the exact opposite, even in regards to Guantanamo:

Guantanamo: Obama will bypass Congress to detain suspects indefinitely

Wayne Madsen: Why give Peace Award to man at helm of conflicts?

Skousen: Nobel Peace Prize to Obama has People Asking Why!

So with war seemingly still full speed ahead, will President Obama now change his plans now that he’s been awarded a real peacemaker?

Imagine if you or I were were in such a position and received such an award, wouldn’t we feel a degree of hypocrisy and shame if our intentions were to still continue the pro-war agenda? I would think President Obama is feeling this somewhat now.

So how will he respond? Will he reverse his actions and actually bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan; end our meddling  on the ground and in the air in Pakistan; stop illegal rendition overseas and indefinite detention of Guantanamo suspects? And will he oppose Israel or the U.S. using our new 30,000 pound bunker busting bombs on Iran?

If he does truly move ahead in peace, then we will know that he isn’t a New World Order globalist puppet who is only allowed to carry out the one-world government agenda, which requires wars for it to happen quickly.

But having now been given this ‘great’ honor, having now been dubbed one of the greatest men of peace, this must be weighing on his heart if he is still planning on carrying out his handlers’ pro war policies that will be disastrous to America and the world.

Will he be a man of integrity and really promote peace, or will he embarrassingly carry out the orders of those who put him in charge, who gave him the limelight while dissing Ron Paul?

If he really isn’t beholden to the Puppeteers and his cabinet members whom he promised wouldn’t be insiders, then this prize should make it easier for him to really be a peacemaker.

But if he really is blackmailable (Larry Sinclair, the birther issue, etc.), which is usually the case for the leaders they quickly move up the ladder (candidates, left or right, must be fully controllable), then we’ll see more of this continuation of the Bush/Cheney anti-Constitutional and anti-peace policies.

Many are shocked by President Obama receiving this award, but maybe some of those on the Nobel committee really do have some noble intentions — hoping to help President Obama do what is right regardless of the pressure to continue America’s warmongering.

Maybe this prize is a good thing; even though, it doesn’t appear that he’s deserved it yet. It puts the pressure on.

I suspect we’ll continue to see more of the same under the guise of ‘change.’ But it would be a pleasant surprise if President Obama would, like President John F. Kennedy, stand up and say: “I’m going to do what is right regardless of what the string pullers dictate.”

This Peace Prize may actually help us see what Obama is really made of.


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